Gambia: Revealed: APRC Political Desperadoes Feeding Gambians With False Propaganda As Election Ratchets Up!


Gambia – Political criminals close to Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, have been feeding Gambians with false propaganda as the December 1 presidential election looms large, a top opposition critic has informed Freedom.

The critic also noted that Dictator Jammeh’s target is to harass and intimidate members of the opposition ahead of the election. 

He said: “I can confidently say that some political criminals close to Yahya Jammeh are feeding Gambians with false propaganda in a bid to stay in power.

“After almost 22 years, it is clear that they are not prepared for governance. The APRC is just a gang-up of desperate people who are only interested in staying in power.

“APRC does not have a clear agenda. As a result, Gambians have seen the APRC for all it is worth. It is an ill prepared party with an ill prepared agenda for governance.”

According to the opposition critic, in the middle of all this, it is clear that the Yahya is running a rudderless government.

He said that Gambians have seen the chaotic situation at hand orchestrated by the incoherent policy initiatives of APRC.

“Yes, this is the reality we face. From the unemployment rate to the poverty conundrum… From the disproportionate corruption to the confusion in the government’s economic policy! Consequently, we are now faced with worsening economic crisis; free fall of the dalasi; illegal migration; and general unemployment. Gambians are watching in bewilderment as the socio-economic problems of the country deepen,” he added.

Written By A Correspondent

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