Gambia: Yahya Messed Up Gambia, Says Former Ally!


Gambia – A former ally to Gambia’s long-time ruler, Yahya Jammeh, has said that the dictator messed up Gambia and is running it as his private estate.

He told Freedom that Yahya and his ally political criminals have landed Gambia in serious trouble.

“I can say, in all sincerity, that this man has messed up this place and is running it like his private estate, contrary to what he has been telling Gambians.

“Yahya is trying to convince Gambians that he is working for them but this is not the case. He does not seek advice from anyone in the running of the country.

“He thinks he knows everything and our nation is now suffering serious consequences. I have been a close participant and witness to the status quo,” the former ruling APRC sympathizer said.

According to him, history will not be kind to Gambians if they sit back while things turn from “bad to really bad.”

He said: “If you look at the various sectors of the economy, you will know that Gambia is in limbo. The current economic and political environment is far from being favourable.

“Yahya has brought nothing but untold discomfort to Gambians. Another five years of his rule would further descent the country into grief.

“With the current realities, everything has gone from bad to worse. Gambians should either make a wise choice in the coming election by voting Yahya out or stay in constant suffering.”

Written By A Correspondent 

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