Banjul, The Gambia—A Gambian has been held by the personnel of the National Intelligence Agency, the (NIA), after a large arms catchment shipment was traced to him, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. The man, in question has been under custody for over week now. He is helping the state with their investigations.

The confiscated arms were part of the December, 30 failed coup, which left some of the mutineers dead. The arms were cleared on December, 31st a day after the failed coup, at the Banjul port by the local receiver. He never knew that the barrels he cleared from the ports contained arms. The accused’s brother, who is based overseas, was paid by one of the late December, 3oth attackers to ship the barrels for him to The Gambia, which he did. The shipper never knew that the barrels contained arms either.

As soon as the coup was thwarted, the shipper based overseas, asked his brother in The Gambia, to open the barrels. To the brother’s surprise he was shocked to see arms in the barrels. He was advised to turn himself to the police, but he was afraid—given the mounting tensions in the aftermath of the failed coup.

It was this past week, that the accused person was chatting with an NIA informant, and he allegedly told the informant that he was contemplating selling the arms outside the jurisdiction of The Gambia, sources alleged. Acting on the information furnished to them by their informant, the NIA arrested the Gambian national.

The arms were recovered from the accused person. NIA investigations into the matter are ongoing, sources said.

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