Gambia – The political battle axe of the opposition United Democratic Party, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, has said that the lack of learning and teaching materials is responsible for collapse of public education in Gambia.

Darboe while discussing the problems caused by Yahya Jammeh’s 21-year ruinous reign, at a rally held at Bundung Borehole recently, also noted that there is a poor economic growth and inconsistent infrastructure to boost the educational structure, hence the collapse in the education system.

Darboe said education was essential for character building and it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that its citizenry are given quality education.

He said “There is inadequate learning and teaching materials for conducive learning to take place, which is why academic performance had dropped in the country. Today, a grade 12 student cannot write a letter.”

Darboe also said Gambia was facing series of poverties cutting across all sectors of the economy.

“The Back-to-Land initiative has not addressed the food insecurity problems, and has failed to address food poverty in the country.

“There is also legislative poverty where the National Assembly has enacted bad law such as the indemnity law.

“The judiciary is dead because magistrates are being arrested and fired for making ruling in their courts.

“There is also infrastructural poverty. Within the Kanifing Municipality, there is no proper drainage system, which has led to too much flood and by extension transportation challenges.

“As regards the health sector, the government could not address health needs of Gambians as there is inadequate medicine and service equipment in the hospitals,” he said.

Written By A Correspondent


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