Gambia: A Dying Dictator Is On His Sickbed Again; Jammeh’s Hummer Reported Breakdown; Salaries Not Paid; The Badjie Brothers/Zeinab And Co Embarked On Self Enrichment As The Gov’t Falls!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. My boss, sorry for being absent all this time, we had a technical problem and we slightly changed our strategy, which we cannot disclose at this time. Monster JAMMEH MUST GO. Fellow Gambians, according to reliable state house and NIA DCC agents, monster Jammeh is sick again and currently quarantined and refuses to see anyone. Since returning from Kanilai monster Jammeh, has not reported to his office this whole week and is not accepting any visitor. His face is dry and pale again. There are piles and piles of files waiting for his approval and this crazy man do not even care to grant someone else to work on the files. Any transaction that has to do with money, monster Jammeh will direct the person to his collaborators like Saul and Yankuba Badjie, who have both turned into millionaires overtime. They owned all types of businesses in the Gambia and their wives flies to Turkey to order their merchandise for them. Gambians rest assure that DCC is monitoring and documenting everything. As soon as the monster read this story, he will work with GRTS and trigger a fake TV propaganda, he will pretend that he is not sick. The doctors will patch him, give him medicine so that he can come out in public. A lot of ministries cannot continue to do their work because monster Jammeh is not meeting anyone and is not working on any file. Senior government officials are complaining and monster Jammeh do not care, his desk is full of files. The foreign doctors have told dictator Jammeh that he must seek overseas treatment and he is refusing. Right now monster Jammeh is contemplating to travel for medical treatment either to Venezuela, Saudi Arabia or India.


Monster Jammeh spent over five weeks in Kanilai and all he did was sleeping with young girls and married women. In fact dictator Jammeh slept with ministers and permanent secretaries, the retreat is a way for him to sleep with these women. Dictator Jammeh is breaking marriages and he does not care. Dictator Jammeh knows that his time is over and is partying until to the end. Whilst Gambians were thinking about the Independence monster Jammeh and Saul Badjie were sleeping with foreign women. Yes, even Saul Badjie is now ordering women outside the country. The co-president is copying his carbon copy partner monster Jammeh.  During the dictator’s stay at Kanilai, the people at Kanilai, don’t even want to see him, people avoided him and he has been disowned. The people at FONI has finally woken up that this man has been lying to them and has misled them all these years. They hate him now.

JAMMEHIn another development, due to monster Jammeh’s health and lack of funds he wants to postpone the election to 2017. The Gambian opposition should not take this very lightly, dictator Jammeh is in the process of moving the election to 2017. There is no money, he mentioned on GRTS TV that each region will be responsible for funding the election. Where will these regions get the money when his financial foot soldiers are collecting all the monies in the entire country. Unless he changes his mind dictator Jammeh will try to postpone the election until 2017.

JAMMEH EDITED PICWhilst dictator Jammeh is sick, the badjie brothers and devil Zeinab are stealing more and more money. Devil Zeinab just returned from America but she is about to travel to Morocco, France and then to America again. The border closer between Gambia and Senegal is causing more and more havoc economic hardship, the people living around the border are suffering. There are more drug dealers in the Gambia than ever, military officers are constantly receiving loads and loads of drugs from the junglers then sell it for them.

Fellow Gambians, please tell your family members to avoid major public gathering such as the Senegambia area, there is NIA presence both day and night. As mentioned above the rogue DG of NIA Yankuba Badjie owns restaurants and supermarkets and it’s all NIA. They are gathering information on who is complaining about dictator Jammeh. Lot of undercover planted in public areas, if you ask your family members there are check points everywhere even during the day. In the past you see check points only during the night, now it’s everywhere. Very soon there will be checkpoints in every compound. The good news is that monster Jammeh is completely bankrupt, he is fully dependent on money collected from GRA, GPA, etc, there is no more foreign money coming from outside. He cannot sustain this number of security detail, his convoy is long like an army going to war. He is afraid and paranoid. Every day there is a NEW UNIT created somewhere in the security branches, and all of them is for the security of this paranoid and crazy dictator.

zai jammehFellow Gambians, to prove that monster Jammeh is broke as a church mouse, this past Monday, whilst his convoy was coming from Kanilai to Banjul, his LONG HUMMER vehicle was tied on a rope and pulled by one of the military trucks. Yes Gambians, monster Jammeh’s own vehicle broke at the Faraba University and the entire convoy had to stop and he had to be transferred to another vehicle. Monster Jammeh do not maintenance anything, there are no spare parts for the vehicles. There is no money in the Gambia, people are suffering, this is very serious. There are ministries that are behind salaries for two months and this mad dictator steals money from GRA, GPA, etc and gives to prostitutes from outside of Gambia.

A DCC agent at Brikama was surprised when he saw the hummer being pulled, a lot of people were laughing and saying that it’s over for the “ big man “. Very soon his spiritual doctors will blame a witch for the Hummer breaking on the highway, dictator Jammeh will not take the blame that he is not maintaining his vehicles, the Moroccan mechanics have not been paid. Monster Jammeh owes millions and millions to spare parts dealers, he will just take parts from the businessmen and never pay them. The party is coming to an end, his presidency is about satisfying personal pleasure, he has no interest on the development of the country. But he knows that it’s over, closing himself in his room and refusing to meet people is not the answer, people are suffering and cannot afford to eat, A HUNGRY MAN is an ANGRY MAN monster Jammeh.


This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs. 

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