Breaking News: GRA Revenue Collector Modou Keita Assaults A Shopkeeper; Farato Police Sides With Keita!


Pa, how are you doing? It’s been a while and I hope you doing good with the family. One Modou Keita, GRA tax collector at Brikama office fought a shopkeeper in his shop and took him to the police at Farato, where they met me. On their arrival Keita, gave a statement and denied the shopkeeper from giving his side of the story and was bundled into the cell.

Witnesses accompanying the shopkeeper said Keita’s partner was advising him not to fight the man, but he did and poured the man’s 20 liter paint, the stain of which were visible on their shoes. That never stopped the police from siding with Modou Keita. 

The questions I want to ask are: When did the police turn to be lawyers and judges?  Are GRA tax collectors fighters?  Gambians, where are we heading to? Gambians, are very angry with the present status quo,  what a lawlessness.

It’s a waste of money to pay the Gambian police or any security entity. Many worst thing are happening at the police stations and check point. Pa we are finished.  There is lawlessness in this country! 

Written By An Insider

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