Gambia: Breaking News: Gambian Politician Calls For The Annulment Of Edward Singhateh’s Election As An ECOWAS VP!


Banjul, The Gambia—The leader of Gambia’s opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Omar Amadou Jallow, has strongly protested against the nomination and subsequent election of the former junta Vice Chairman and Defense Minister Edward David Singhateh, as ECOWAS’s Vice President. Mr. Jallow, criticized the African bloc for allowing such a despicable character for occupying an important portfolio with the regional organization. OJ has calls for the revocation of Edward Singhateh’s position at ECOWAS, while citing the brutal and heartless nature of Singhateh.

SINGS ecowas vp“It is a shame that ECOWAS can stoop that low to allow a gross human rights violator to occupy such an important post. Edward Singhateh’s nomination is an affront to the very ideals and principles ECOWAS stood for. Here is a guy, who was actively involved in persecuting the former PPP officials in the aftermath of the July 22nd illegal military takeover against Jawara’s regime. I happens to be a victim of Edward’s persecution. Edward Singhateh, Sanna Sabally, the late Sadibou Hydara, and co were present when guards from the State Guard led by Almamo Manneh tortured us. I lost my left eye during that brutal torture I endured in the hands of the trigger happy soldiers. For ECOWAS, to turn around and elect such a dubious character with a troubled past, beats decency in any way you look at it.  It is a sad day for Africa, to have the likes of Edward Singhateh at the ECOWAS,” OJ lamented.

According to OJ, as he is fondly called, Edward Singhateh, and his co former junta colleagues, had blood in their hands. The politician said he was shocked, when he read about Edward’s election as a Commissioner at the ECOWAS Secretariat.

“I vehemently condemn Edward’s election as ECOWAS VP. His election is a travesty to justice. It would undermine the reputation of ECOWAS and all what the organization had stood for. I am calling on ECOWAS to annul his election into office. His position should be declared null and void. He is not the right person for the job. There are more credible, competent and decent folks on the continent who can occupy that post,” OJ posited.

sana 1OJ intimated that while Edward Singhateh, was a top member of the junta, he was scheduled by the exiled former Junta number two man Sana Bairo Sabally, who now lives in Germany, to be killed on November 12th 1994. He was held at the NIA at the material time. Mr. Jallow said Sana personally told him that he was going to be killed.

“Luckily for me, I was not killed on the scheduled date for my execution. The nation woke up on November 11, a day before my execution with a news that a coup has been foiled by the junta. That was what saved my life.  God so good, my life was spared. Singhateh was part and parcel of that Council, which intended to execute me. So for me, to hear that ECOWAS is having such an evil and despicable character in their body, beats my imagination. ECOWAS, ought to have conducted some degree of due diligence before having the likes of Singhateh into their body,” OJ tells Freedom Radio Gambia.

Edward Singhateh, ventured into studying law at the University of The Gambia after he was fired from the Jammeh government. He graduated with an LLB in law. He served as a magistrate, before venturing into private practice. He shared the same law Chamber with Lamin Camara. Edward has since assumed office at the ECOWAS Secretariat.   

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