Breaking News: APRC Stares At Crisis As Mass Defection Looms!


Gambia – Yahya Jammeh’s APRC might be on its way to collapsing after indications surfaced that a massive defection is expected to hit the party ahead of the December 1 presidential election.

Sources close to the APRC intimated that Yahya is currently making frantic efforts to stop the looming massive defection expected to hit his already failed ruling APRC party.

The defection is expected to come in the coming months and the dictator has starting getting agitated as it could mark the end for him.

A source close to party told Freedom that some have secretly started porting to other parties as the election nears.

“Worried by the imminent wave of both high and low profile defections, Yahya Jammeh and the leadership of the APRC have started reaching out to members of the party in the form of cash gifts,” the source said. “This move by Yahya Jammeh will, however, meet a brick wall as many of the defectors have already made up their minds. They think this man is up to no good and if they should fall for his antics, they would be doomed.”

Our source added that many sympathizers of the APRC have now resolved to dump the party as they want a new administration that would correct the wrongs of the past.

“You know, in politics, there is no permanent friend or permanent enemy but permanent interest. So, it’s not surprising to hear that people will be defecting.

“These are people who have mortgaged their rights and political conscience for a very long time. I can tell you that the APRC will be rattled in the coming months. APRC will definitely wax weaker, leading to its collapse.

“Gambians want change. They need someone who can work with all relevant persons to chart the most viable alternative towards the enhancement of the welfare of all the people in Gambia,” said the source.

Toxic party

Meanwhile, a senior opposition figure has branded the APRC toxic party comprising individuals who are embezzling public funds and destroying Gambia’s institutions.

He said after 21 years in power, the APRC should bury its head in shame for subjecting Gambia to the current economic plunder.

“Another five years of the APRC government would worsen the hardship and suffering of Gambians as it is a government full of deceit.

“The party has lost every sense of responsibility and reduced our country to a huge joke. APRC has failed Gambia.

“The two common denominators in the record of service of APRC are failure and lies. They have failed in the management of the economy. They have also been untruthful about the state of the nation,” he said.

If the APRC’s claim of economic successes in terms of GDP, employment generation, poverty alleviation and others were genuine, Gambians would not be fleeing for their lives due to economic hardship.

The APRC assumed performance is nothing more than window dressing, and a detachment from reality.

Written By Our Correspondent

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