Breaking News: Yahya Jammeh Planning To Make Kanilai Gambia’s Capital!


Gambia – United Democratic Party leader Ousainou Darboe has said that Gambia’s president Yahya Jammeh is mapping ways towards making his birthplace, Kanilai, Gambia’s capital.

Lawyer Darboe revealed this big secret while speaking to his party’s faithful at a mega rally held at the Serrekunda-Brikama garage in Serrekunda on Sunday.

“Yahya Jammeh has started subtle moves to make Kanilai Gambia’s capital, but Gambians will stop him,” he said. “He is using all of Gambia’s money to develop Kanilai – money which should be rather used to develop Banjul, the capital of Gambia.”

Buttressing his claim, Darboe quipped: “What is happening now is that almost all the cabinet meetings are held in Kanilai. Money running into millions has been diverted by Yahya Jammeh to develop Kanilai.

“This is a situation most unfortunate and Gambians must put a stop this. The agenda (to make Kanilai Gambia’s capital) is coming but we will resist it. Gambia is a free nation and we will fight for our freedom.”

Darboe had earlier said that Yahya Jammeh has betrayed the trust reposed in him by Gambians.

He said: “After 21 years, Gambians have come to the conclusion that Yahya Jammeh cannot be trusted. His erratic behaviour shows that he lacks character as a leader.

“Gambians at first believed in this man they eventually lost trust in him because he didn’t do anything good in his 21-year reign.

“He has betrayed and disappointed the entire Gambian people and this is why Gambians should vote him out in the December election.”

Written By Our Correspondent

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