Gambia: Breaking News: As Zeinab Leaves For Dubia; Jammeh Welcomes His Ghanaian Wife Actress Jackie Appiah; 300 Militiamen Graduates From Kanilai Ahead Of Elections!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write my boss. Fellow Gambians, according to reliable DCC agents at Kanilai, dictator Jammeh has more than 300 militiamen, who have been trained and indoctrinated at Kanilai, they have been dispatched all around the country. This militia group is slowly replacing the security apparatus of the country. Dictator Jammeh does not trust his security chiefs anymore, he told his close confidants that the security chiefs are not doing their jobs. This militia group is currently responsible for gathering information about the upcoming election, and if monster Jammeh suspects that he will loose the election, he will instruct this group to create chaos and start a civil war. DCC is warning competent Gambians, opposition leaders and groups to be on full alert. The group were told that there are intruders in the country and they need to gather information to find out who the intruders are. If you recall DCC reported about this militia group long time ago.

Jackie-Appiah-HivBorra Colley and Ousman Sonko are coordinating this wicked plan. DCC can confirm to you that monster Jammeh is willing to kill every Gambian just to stay in power. Dictator Jammeh is very angry with the security chiefs that they still cannot identify who are the key opposition candidates, he is angry that the opposition has still not created a coalition so that he can wipe out their leaders. This is one of the reasons why this special militia group has been dispatched to find out who the opposition may choose as their leader. This mad man has no interest of the country, he does not even has any interest on his family, the only person he worships is devil Zeinab. But DCC can reaffirm that he is seriously sick.

As we speak, devil Zeinab travel out of the Gambia on Sunday, she is one person who do not need any clearance. Every minister, permanent secretary, MD, DG, state house gardeners, cleaners, cooks, etc must seek clearance from dictator Jammeh but devil Zeinab is milking state money funds.

Fellow Gambians, we will elaborate more on devil Zeinab travel. When the cat is away the mice will play, that is definitely true for dictator Jammeh. At this minute, there are two Ghanaian women inside the state house and one of them is married to monster Jammeh. Yes Gambians, it is hard to believe but this is all true. Devil Zeinab, DCC knows you read this paper so that you can monitor your dirty husband. Well devil Zeinab, dictator Jammeh is right now sleeping with his other wife. This is one of his many wives he converted to be a Muslim. Gambians, it is hard to believe but dictator Jammeh’s other wife is nobody other than the Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah, she is now a Muslim and is right now Monday night inside the state house.

jimbay newsChief Pimp Jimbeh Jammeh is the one who is coordinating and bringing Jackie in and out of state house. Monster Jammeh, DCC has warned you but you cannot hide and DCC will expose you to the entire world. On our next publication we will even elaborate what type of sex medicine you take. All you do is fool people and dump them, where is your former wives, what did you do to them, where is Lady Nora Jammeh, where is Halima Jammeh, where is lady Ya Awa Jallow, where is lady Nyima Njie, the list goes on and on.

Fellow Gambians, on Sunday evening devil Zeinab flew from the Banjul International Airport using a special private plane. This plane is big and only few people boarded the plane and they flew to Dubai. Monster Jammeh is broke and is now sending Zeinab to go beg money in the Middle East. After the foot financial soldiers collected money from different parts of the country, the money was converted and handed to devil Zeinab to finance the trip.

ZEINAB IN DUBIA EDITEDOur agent with devil Zeinab has reported that on this trip devil Zeinab is going to buy furniture to furnish the mansion she and dictator Jammeh build in Rabat Morocco. The mansion is as big as a soccer stadium and it extends all the way to the ocean. But DCC knows EXACTLY where the mansion is located, DCC agents have visited the place multiple times.

After Dubai, devil Zeinab will fly the furniture to Morocco then go to France and America to collect Mariama Jammeh for Easter holidays. Whilst a majority of Gambians cannot even afford one meal a day, monster Jammeh is marrying more women and devil Zeinab is shopping everyday using Gambian people’s money. And the funny thing is that when devil Zeinab is at state house she do not allow monster Jammeh to enter her room. Monster Jammeh has lost a lot of weight, he came to the office on Monday very late because he is sick and also his second wife visited last night. He knows his days are over and is partying to the end.

On a last note DCC is warning ALL security chief heads that we are monitoring you and observing if you are going to torment or torture any Gambian for this dying regime. We know all of you, Ousman Sonko we know when you are driving around in the middle of the night to monitor certain security chiefs, do you want to deny this.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs. 

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