Gambia: Gambia In Grip Of Bad Leadership!


Gambia – Gambia is in the grip of bad leadership and until Gambians extricate themselves from that evil grip, they will not make much progress, a top Gambia diasporan has told Freedom.

The Germany-based Gambian said the trouble with Gambia – a tiny nation with fewer than two million people – is “simply and squarely a failure of leadership”.

In his words, “There is nothing basically wrong with the Gambian character. There is nothing wrong with its land or climate or water, or anything else. The Gambian problem is the unwillingness or inability of Yahya Jammeh to rise to the responsibility, to the challenge of personal example, which is the hallmark of true leadership.

“This is the same diagnosis that had been made by many commentators about Gambia, and till today, the same thing is being said. It means our country is in the grip of bad leadership, and until we extricate ourselves from that evil grip, we will not make much progress.”

According to him, leadership is not about controlling people but about caring for people and being a useful resource for people.

“Leadership is not about being boss as Yahya Jammeh is doing presently. Rather it is about being present for people and building a community at work…,” he said. “Leadership requires love. It is a calling, not just a job but a calling.”

He said he thinks Yahya Jammeh has failed as a leader and therefore should “step down honourably.”

“I think Yahya Jammeh has done a lot of bad things – things he himself is not proud of.

“For 21 years, Gambians have been lamenting – in a nation that has been groping in the dark for direction. Many are demoralised because they have an incapable person for a leader,” he added.

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