Gambia: Wake Up and Resist Tyranny, Impunity; Lawyer Darboe tells Gambians!


Gambia – Ousainou Darboe of the United Democratic Party has urged Gambians to wake up and resist the full-blown tyranny in Gambia.

Darboe who was speaking at a massively attended rally in Serrekunda on Sunday said dictatorship is now full-blown in Gambia thanks to Yahya Jammeh.

He stated that, ““Gambians must say no to tyranny. Gambians must say no to dictatorship. It is in your hands to choose and to change the leadership. Unless and until a nation has a leader with ability, integrity, commitment and vision, it cannot succeed.

“The people get the kind of leadership they deserve. It appears that Gambians have been docile. Gambians should insist that they deserve more than they are getting.”

According to him, Gambians should rise against bad leadership and install a leadership passionate about the country.

 “It is clear that Gambians cannot hold opinion different from that of Yahya Jammeh and this should be cause for concern to lovers of democracy in Gambia.

“Gambians should know that tyranny does not know political boundary. Once it becomes full-blown, it does not know its own family members.

“The only concern is its selfish interests and anyone that is against those interests must be pulled down or whipped to line. They should resist all forms of tyranny and dictatorship,” he said.

Written By Our Correspondent

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