Gambia: Breaking News: Jammeh Compels South African Airline Crew To Pay Him Raw Foreign Cash In Order To Refuel Their Plane; Zeinab And The Visiting Female Guests Benefited From The SAA Cash!


We have long been telling Gambians that Yahya Jammeh is presiding over a gangster regime. Ask the crew of the South African Airline; they will tell you something about the gangster nature of this Gambian despot using his office to rob off businesses, private citizens and financial institutions.  

ZEINAB IN DUBIA EDITEDFor weeks, Jammeh’s gold digger wife has been stuck in Banjul. She couldn’t travel because there is no foreign exchange currency to meet her economic needs. She has to wait until Jammeh deeps his fingers on the jackpot.

With the border closed, Jammeh’s finances dried up. The ports is no longer giving him the money that he needed for his flamboyant lifestyle.

A word reached Jammeh yesterday at the State House that the South African Airline could not land in Dakar, due to rough weather. The crew also asked if they could be allowed to refuel their plane before leaving for Dakar.

Instead of accepting debit card, or credit card transactions to facilitate the refueling of the South African plane, Jammeh insisted that the crew must pay in raw foreign currency cash. He is badly in need of foreign exchange. The crew complied. Jammeh received an unspecified amount of foreign currency cash from his financial foot soldiers at the airport.

A source writing to us said: “Also a  message, I received from a friend, who was travelling to South Africa from Dakar yesterday, thought you might be interested: SAA could not land in Yoff at the appointed time due to heavy fog (I was to take the flight)…so we were delayed by 3 hours in Yoff, because the flight landed in Banjul instead and had to refuel there…JK who supplies the jet fuel insisted that they pay cash (off course he had not seen forex for a long time since the border closure)….it was like mana from heaven for the guy…madness!”

A day after Jammeh received the raw foreign cash from the South African airline crew, via his agents, Jammeh handed some part of the funds to his wife, who is currently visiting Dubai, for a massive shopping. Zeinab, is expected to proceed to France, Morocco, her birthplace, and to the United States before returning to The Gambia before Easter.

Meanwhile, Jammeh is hosting two high profile female guests. One of them is a Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah. Ms. Appiah has been spotted within the State House. Jimbay Jammeh has been tasked by Jammeh to oversee the welfare of his visiting female guests.

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