Gambia: Breaking News: Christian Leader Tongue Lashes Dictator Jammeh Over Islamic State Declaration!


Gambia – A Catholic Christian cleric has tongue lashed Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh over his December declaration of Gambia as an Islamic State.

The cleric told Freedom that Yahya embarrassed Gambia before the international community, as the move was “totally unnecessary.”

“The Christian community in this country is shocked and embarrassed at such ill-advised declaration,” he said. “This is a cynical move that has the potential of destroying Gambia. We are closely watching this government because of this move.”

According to the cleric, the move has left many naysayers not just within the Christian community but elsewhere remarking that Gambia is experiencing delinquent leadership.

He said: “Indeed, I fear that majority of Gambians now believe that Gambia is experiencing delinquent leadership – where Mr President does whatever he wants.

“It is totally unnecessary and unknown to the Gambian secular constitution to declare Gambia an Islamic State. Yes Muslims are the majority but there are Christians. What if Gambia should produce a Christian president in future? Will it be okay by law if this president declared Gambia a Christian state?”

Speaking further, the cleric said Yahya should know that democracy is difficult and he must realize that democracy pervasively coloured with arbitrariness and high handedness, cannot be used to deliver positive change.

“There have been comments that the declaration was well-meant but us Christians have been affected psychologically. And these are just political gimmicks that can only carry away gullible or naive Gambians.

With the current state of the economy, I think what Mr Jammeh should been doing is beaming his flash light on policies and programmes that will lift up the masses,” he said.

Written By A Staff Writer 

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