Gambia: Breaking News: Yahya Jammeh Is An Accidental President, Says Ex-Soldier!


Gambia – A former military officer has described Yahya Jammeh’s rise to the top of the pile in Gambia’s political world as “purely accidental and a matter of good luck.”

The ex-soldier said Mr Jammeh was inexperienced and incompetent but it was fortune that favored him.

According to, “Yahya Jammeh’s rise to the top was fortuitous. His coup was poorly organised and he couldn’t have succeeded.  It was the run of good luck that brought him to State House.

“I was in the military. I was not friends with him but I used to see him. Poverty was written all over him. He was one of the most disgruntled officers in the army at that time.

 “I personally call him the accidental president. It was chance, good luck.”

The ex-soldier who retired from the army after serving for 11 years said that same fortune will soon run out for Yahya Jammeh.

He said: “A good student of history will tell you that Yahya will soon be a matter of the past. He has started believing in his own invincibility at the expense of the general populace.

“He thinks the world is in his pocket and this is what will squander his good luck. Everywhere, there is fear, poverty and hunger. And every time the president makes a decision, he seems to shoot himself in the foot.”

Written By A Staff Writer

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