Gambia: Gambian Dictator Allegedly Squanders Millions Of Dollars Of Saudi Based Alwaleed Foundation Funds Meant For His JFP Hospital!


Banjul, The Gambia— Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh has been using his Jammeh Foundation For Peace Hospital to scam unsuspecting Arab Prince and Princess, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The Saudi based Alwaleed Foundation is among the foreign charitable organizations that Jammeh has been using to meet his monetary needs under the disguise of operating a Foundation in The Gambia. The Alwaleed Foundation has donated millions of dollars to the Jammeh Foundation over the years. The dictator has allegedly diverted funds that were meant for the JFP hospital for his personal use.

JK newThe Gambian dictator launched an appeal to the Alwaleed Foundation so that the Saudi based Non-governmental organization can help fund his Jammeh Foundation. A project proposal was sent out to the organization, and it was approved, following numerous clarifications sought to shed light on the main goal of the expansion of the Jammeh Foundation Clinic in Bundung among other projects.

“After meeting with HH Princess Ameerah, she has agreed to fund the proposal entitled “Expansion Project of JFPH Inpatient and Maternity Unit at Bundung,” as presented by Kanteh’s Construction and Trading, January 2012. From my calculations, this proposal will cost $132,151. Although HH’s pledge was $100,000, she strongly believes in continuing our partnership and the good work that is being carried out by the Hospital,” said a communication signed by an official of the Alwaleed Foundation.

Princess 1“In light of this, the legal documents have been adjusted to reflect the scope of work of the grant. Please find the updated Acceptance Form attached for your kind signature and stamp. The Terms and Conditions do not require any modifications. The Diagnostic Center’s expansion could be considered at a later stage,” the official added.

The Saudi based NGO also proposed for the Jammeh Foundation to be merged to their organization. The former CEO of the JFP Nancy Njie welcomed the proposal, but the proposed partnership was never implemented.

“The other point that we would like to raise is the suitable recognition for Alwaleed Foundation’s contribution to this esteemed Hospital. What we are proposing is the incorporation of “Alwaleed Foundation” or “Prince Alwaleed” into the name of the Hospital,” said the Alwaleed official.

The Alwaleed Foundation has been extending financial support to the Jammeh Foundation For Peace Hospital since in 2004. But the JFP has not been making such financial donations public. There is no public record so far available as to the actual amount of dollars that the Alwaleed Foundation pumped into the JFP since it had started receiving money from Alwaleed.

A letter intercepted from The Gambian Embassy in Saudi, Ambassador OG Sallah, wrote to the former CEO of the JFP Nancy Njie, discussing one of the wire transfers Alwaleed Foundation made to the JFP. Below is the hard copy of  Sallah’s letter.

OJ Sallah's letter


OG sallahSources close to The Gambian Embassy in Saudi said Princess Ameerah, herself, has in the past expressed concerns over the nontransparent attitude of the JFP officials. The concerns were expressed through Ambassador OG Sallah. Mr. Sallah in turn brought the Princess’s concerns to the attention of the former CEO of JFP Nancy Njie.

The JFP admitted that it did not include the construction of a maternity unit at the JFP in the original project proposal it sent to the Alwaleed Foundation. It also proposed to the Saudi Foundation to help fund another new children admission center next to the diagnostic center.  This followed a visit the Princess made to the JFP hospital.

After receiving one of the wire transfers of the funds, which was channeled through Trust Bank Gambia, dictator Jammeh reportedly used the funds to buy a spray plane during the locust invasion, which hits The Gambia. He also allegedly gave some part of the funds to the Mauritanian government.

Princess 2When the Saudi Princess Princess Ameerah, made a stopover visit to The Gambia, in 2011, dictator Jammeh, avoided her completely by leaving the capital City Banjul, to hide at his home villa Kanilai. Jammeh then dispatched one of his close henchmen Ardy Sarge, a renowned hotelier, to receive the Princess and her delegation at the airport.

When the Princess and her delegation asked about the non-execution of the JFP inpatient expansion project, Mr. Sarge was said to have told the Princess and her husband that the funds were used to support the other hospitals across the country.

A Freedom Newspaper Editor phoned Mr. Sarge on Tuesday, and pretended that he was calling from Saudi. He quizzed Mr. Sarge over the Princess’s trip to The Gambia, and the funds the Saudi based Foundation extended to the JFP over the years. He also raised the issue of the implementation of the JFP projects sponsored by the Alwaleed Foundation.

Mr. Sarge has confirmed on record that he was the one who met the Saudi Prince and Princess at the airport.

ARDY SARGEWhen asked where Jammeh was at the time of the Princess’s trip to The Gambia, he said Jammeh was in Kanilai at the material time. Although, he denied that Jammeh was trying to avoid the Princess during her trip to the country.

Mr. Sarge, promised to update us with a project situational report on Wednesday. He said there was some work being done at the JFP, and that he was going to take some pictures to send it to us to confirm that the funds donated by the Alwaleed Foundation were being put into good use.

According to Mr. Sarge, dictator Jammeh doesn’t handle funds associated with the JFP. He said all funds relating to the Foundation are handled by the institution. He therefore denied reports that the dictator uses some of the funds donated to the JFP by the Saudi Charity organization to purchase a spray plane and also extend financial help to the Mauritanian government.

Mr. Sarge, who told us that he is among the Board Members of the JFP, says the JFP, has a new Chief Executive Officer, in the person of Ansumana Jammeh, the former Gambian Ambassador to Qatar.

“Ansumana Jammeh is the President’s brother. He is the new CEO of the JFP. I will brief him when I meet him. You can call me tomorrow around Mid-day so that we can talk. I am driving right now,” Sarge said.

Investigations into the activities of the JFP continues.  We will keep you posted with developments as it unfolds. Our sources in Saudi and at the State House have promised to keep us abreast with developments. Stay tuned.   

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Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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