A Gambian national, who sought the assistance of the Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC’S) Fatou Bom Bensounda, to help him recover his purported frozen multi million dollars inheritance funds at a Dubai Emirates Bank Group, has resorted to blaming Ms. Bensouda for her “inability to come to his aid” at a time, when he says he is in desperate need of the seized funds, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. From the onset, Ms. Bensouda, who was introduced to Yaya Barrow, by her husband Philip Besounda, has made it abundantly clear to Mr. Barrow that the matter at hand was outside her jurisdiction as the ICC Chief Prosecutor.

bensouda“I am an international Chief Prosecutor who deals with war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. You will sure agree that your claim with NBD Dubai does not come under any of these categories. As such I DO NOT HAVE ANY AUTHORITY TO CALL THE BANK AND ASK THEM TO DO ANYTHING. PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND THAT,” Ms. Bensouda told Mr. Darboe, who is desperately trying to recover his inheritance funds in Dubai.

“This is why from the very beginning I proposed that we get a lawyer who I was going to recommend to handle the matter with close guidance from me. As you know none of these lawyers will do anything for free. I wanted to make it easier for you so both Philip and myself suggested perhaps Mr. Karim will be able to speak with the bank through his contacts in Dubai and make things easier for the claim to be released without paying much legal fees for the lawyer. However, as you can see these contacts of Mr. Karim also cannot work for free and they are making their own charges to be able to work. It will be up to you to agree or not or to make your own counter proposal,” Bensounda said in an email to Mr. Barrow.

Ms. Bensouda, acting out of magnanimity said she contacted one Dr. Khalid, an influential businessman in Dubai, to help recover Mr. Barrow’s frozen funds.

DUBAI 11“Because both Philip and I have promised to help, we also made another contact with Dr. Khalid who is a very influential business man in Dubai. He agreed to help but as you can see, he is also asking to receive some of the money to to give his contacts in the bank who will help him. Dr. Khalid is waiting for me right now to give him the go ahead to start the work, but I want everything to be clear to everyone before I do so,” She said.

“I would like you to understand firstly that as far as Philip and myself are concerned, we will still like to help you to get your claim. You will note that we have never asked you to pay ANYTHING for this help and have always discussed with you as a brother. We cannot help you without engaging a private lawyer or dealing with a business man with contacts in Dubai, for example Mr. Karim or Dr. Khalid. Either of them cannot do it for free because of the several contacts they have to make who also ask for money before they can even start to work. I think you should examine both options and together with your brother Philip try to negotiate which is the best for you and what you can afford to pay. I think you will be able to come to some agreement with Philip’s guidance and advice,” She added.

Ms. Bensounda also asked Mr. Barrow to be patient during the course of the litigation to have his frozen funds released.

“You will understand that this matter started since early 2000 and is still not solved. I have come to realise that it is not an easy matter to deal with. You must exercise patience and let us deal with it in the most strategic way. If you have not been able to sort it out for more than 10 years, please do not expect to have it solved in a few weeks. With some patience and order I do believe we can still help you solve this problem. I believe I told you I do not like people being taken advantage of and will do my best to help. I am still in that position. Please note that both Philip and myself are willing to help in whatever way we can to get your claim as deserved,” she remarked.

Yahya Barrow, who listed his country of residence as Germany, has dispatched a mass email to a number of foreign media houses, including the Freedom Newspaper, lamenting about the over thirty seven million dollars that he was supposed to inherit from one John Adams, and was being blocked by the Dubai based Emirates Bank Group.  Darboe also copied his correspondences with Fatou Bom Bensouda to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and other western intelligence agencies.

In an email to this medium, Mr. Yahya Barrow, alleged that the ICC Chief Prosecutor acted in concert with her husband Philip Bensouda, one Abdulla Qassem, Karim Bodian, and The Gambian government to transfer his funds. A charge Ms. Bensouda flatly denied.

DUBAI 5“Mr.Abdulla Qassem, Assallamalaikum in the name of God. Abdulla qassem, you are delaying my transfers simply because you are in a PRIVATE MEMBER CLUB WHO BELIEVE IN SATAN . Abdulla Qassem, you arranged this evil CLUB with the ICC Chief Prosecutor, Philipp Bensouda (husband) and Karim Bodian. Abdulla Qassem, all this delay is done only to enable Satan to kill me and my Family . Fatou Bensouda (ICC Chief Prosecutor, changed my company name from “Tanfeeth” to LLC in order to take my wealth.  She organised this evil Satan from the Gambia and made arrangements with the Gambia government to transfer my wealth to the Gambia if your evil Satan should kill me. She thought that the Gambia government will hide her mysterious acts because She cannot work out my wealth in Europe, because they know the facts.. But the Gambia is behind her evil deeds. Although, the Gambia is behind her evil actions but the world is aware of The Gambia,” A distressed Yaya Barrow, alleged in an email containing spelling and grammatical mistakes.

The Emirates Bank Group Legal Department, has written to Mr. Yaya Barrow, asking him to provide proof of relationship with the late John Adams.  He was also required to provide a sworn affidavit from the High Court Registry, stating that he (Yaya Barrow) was the rightful Next of Kin beneficiary to the late John’s bank account.  A  Will from the Justice Ministry, indicating that he is authorized to inherit Mr. John Adam’s wealth was also requested. The Bank also said the aforementioned documents must be notarized.


In a communication dated November 3rd, 2011, the Dubai Ministry of Finance and Industry, instructed the Emirates Bank Group to discontinue all inheritance funds transfer in regards to Mr. Yaya Barrow’s case, pending further clarifications and documentations.

“In the course of verifications on your client’s Inheritance Fund Transfer, our Anti-money Laundering and Suspicious Cases Unit (ALMSCU) came up with a lot of disturbing issues that needs urgent explanations from your client,” the Dubai Justice Ministry stated.  

The Justice Ministry asked Mr. Barrow to show up in person in Dubai, to explain the source of the funds and its origin. “We understood that Mr. Darboe is the Co-owner of the Oracle Consulting LTD, and a relation to late Peter R. Barrow, who was also understood was in charge of the company’s activities in UAE,” the letter stated.  Below is the Letter that was issued by the Dubai Justice Ministry.


Earlier on, the Freedom Newspaper Editor wrote to Ms. Fatou Bom Bensouda, asking her, to shed light on the story. We reproduce the full content of Editor M’Bai’s email to Ms. Bensouda:

Hi Ms. Bensouda:

Hope all is well with you. We have come across series of emails, in which your name and that of your husband Philip Bensouda, came up in the case of one Yaya Barrow, a Gambian national. In the said email chain, we, had in our possession, Mr. Barrow’s purported funds in the tune of millions of dollars got frozen by a Dubai bank, following suspicion of money laundering. Barrow was required by the Dubai bank to provide proof of ownership of the said funds and its source. 

In the process of trying to reclaim the funds, Mr. Barrow exchanged emails with you. You were on record of having made some attempts to help Mr. Barrow, to secure an attorney, and possibly recover the funds in Dubai. You also said in the emails that you were going to introduce him to a Dubai based businessman to help recover the seized funds. The alleged incident happened in 2011 thereof. 

Grateful, if you can shed light on the story. We intend to publish the story today if possible.  Looking forward to hearing from you.


Pa Nderry M’Bai,

Managing Editor, 

Freedom Newspaper 

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 919-749-6319

DUBAI 10Barely less than thirty minutes after we sent our email, Ms. Bensounda phoned Editor Pa Nderry Mbai, from Hague, to give us her own side of the story on the phone. The ICC Chief Prosecutor began by saying that she was introduced to Yaya Barrow, by her husband Philp Bensouda. She said Mr. Bensouda was also introduced to Mr. Barrow, by one Lamin Touray, of Holland.

Acting out of magnanimity, she said, she decided to come to Mr. Barrow’s aid by introducing him to some folks in Dubai to help recover the inheritance funds he repeatedly complained about. Ms. Bensouda said she has made it clear to Mr. Barrow that it was outside her mandate as the ICC Chief Prosecutor to handle such matters. She said her job includes: prosecuting war crimes perpetrators, and to avail justice to victims of such atrocities, and not to engage in civil matter related cases.

“Mr. Barrow, was never asked to pay a dime. I have never seen this guy in the first place. I came to his aid, following a request made by my husband to help him. Now, he is writing all kinds of disparaging statements against me. I even had to ask my kids to show me, how to block his emails. I have blocked him now. He wouldn’t be able to harass me, with his unsolicited emails. I think something is wrong with this Yaya Barrow. I don’t think all his mental faculties are in tack. He even accused me of using spiritual means to fight him. How ridiculous and absurd is that Mr. M’Bai? I have decided to cut off all communications with him,” Ms. Bensouda said in her native Wollof language during a phone conversation with our Editor.

Mr. Bensouda also vehemently rejected any wrongdoings on her part. She said she has a demanding job as an ICC Chief Prosecutor, and she wouldn’t waste her precious time engaging such an “ungrateful” person.

Written By Pa Nderry MBai

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 919-749-6319

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