Gambia: Breaking News: Gambia Suspends Parliament Opening!


The opening of Gambia’s Parliament has been postponed until further notice, House Speaker Abdoulie Bojang announced today before deputies. The Speaker did not give any reason for the postponement of the opening of the Parliament. Almost everyone was in attendance, when Speaker Bojang broke the news about the cancelation of the House opening.

The Speaker’s pronouncement, followed reports that the dictator Yahya Jammeh was supposed to show up to open the Parliament. But for some reasons dictator Jammeh never showed up. Diplomats and other high profile dignitaries were already sited in Parliament waiting for the dictator to arrive. Jammeh has once again fail to execute his functions as Commander-in-Chief. 

Dictator Jammeh’s health has deteriorated recently. He hardly attends public functions. It is not clear if his illness attacks again.  

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