Gambia: Letter Writer Takes Issues With Sheriff Bojang And Momodou Sabally


Pa this the Lamin Tamba. I am wondering why Sheriff Bojang did not respond to my publication on the subject who is lying Dembo or Yaya Jammeh. Anyway he may be worried if he responds through your widely read media, he may be out of his job. I will allow him to reply on any media he wants. 


Sheriff and the pen master Momodou Sabally, please respond

  1. Yaya Jammeh farms are being guarded by the soldiers who are paid by the taxpayers of the country
  2. Yaya Jammeh animals and animal food are being transported by the military vehicles at the expense of the taxpayers
  3. The selling of the animals during Tobaski was done by the military who are paid by the tax payers 
  4. Tractors at the farms of Yaya Jammeh are the properties of the government of The Gambia 
  5. Fuel, including the staff on the farms of Yaya Jammeh are at the expense of taxpayers e.g. Major Baldeh in CRR at the rice field
  6. The vision 2016 rice fields are all that of Yaya; none of the farmers or government
  7. Therefore, vision 2016 is to make Yaya richer at the expense of taxpayers
  8. It is therefore for the above reasons why land use Act was introduced by the government
  9. Vision 2016 was supposed to empower the farmers like what Senegal is doing not for the president only
  10. Local area councils are using taxpayers’ money to fuel vehicles to transport people to his farms 
  11. In 2013 and 2014, he used the budget allocated; the state house has consumed one billion and sixty million dalasis when it was allocated only six hundred million. Who is the thief?


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