Gambia: Former Gambian Diplomat On Donald Trump!


As US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump continues to be on target to win the Republican Party nomination, former Gambian Ambassador to Taiwan Essa Bokarr Sey calls for caution on fears provoked by a potential Trump presidency. 

“To be honest with you, I see Trump as the reflection of public opinion and saying things during campaigns does not mean the candidate will do the same thing in the Oval Office,” he told this reporter during an online interview.

Inflammatory rhetoric has become the hallmark of Donald J. Trump presidential campaign igniting fears across America and beyond. All eyes are on the billionaire who has vowed to make ‘America great again’.

Far from succumbing to widespread fears about the Republican Party candidate, Gambia’s ex-plenipotentiary said he does not see Trump as a bad man. “Sometimes it is better for one to speak your mind and be misunderstood. This could provide an opportunity for dialogue,” he said.

Sey noted that Trump is making deliberate pronouncement in order to provoke crude conversations within households.

“After all, no one can say all those who support Trump are not smart. Yes most of them are well informed. I think many may fear or disagree with Trump but there are those who agree with him also.”

Giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, he added: “I would rather judge Trump based on what he has done during his tenure – that is if he is elected to the top job. I don’t want to judge him based on speeches he delivers or hypothesis from other parties.”

When asked about Trump’s attacks on Muslims, Ambassador Sey has this to say: “Although what he said about Muslims may not be welcomed by many, on the other hand, let us Muslims also ask ourselves who made it easy for such criticisms?“

Gambians continue to hold their breath about the ultimate outcome of US Presidential elections. Despite harsh criticism and widespread fears, it is up to the American people to successfully put a Democrat or Republican in White House orbit…

Written by Abdoulie JOHN

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