Gambia: Congratulations to Ms Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang and CCGC!


Hi Pa, this is the most positive event in a long time and a beacon of hope for the relief from Jammeh’s oppression. It’s also a sign of the times that a woman has initiated and helped to bring about this unity. We men have the ability to fight and conquer, but God has given women the gift to influence and bring unity. Women’s power lies in their tongues, as we see here. I congratulate Ms. Jallow Tambajang on her courage and initiative. It will take all of these qualities to bring about the unity necessary to replace Jammeh’s evil regime and bring back the rule of law, peace in Gambia and set us on the long road back from ruin. Nevertheless, a Chinese saying goes “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. It appears that step has been made today, a day that should in future replace the “celebration” of 22nd July. Well done to all of you, including all the opposition parties. Please keep it up, no matter how difficult.

Apart from the political processes countries and empires are built on a spiritual foundation. In order to avoid religious conflict, much of the world today have made religion a private matter not to be discussed in the political arena. The opening up of religious conflict is clearly seen today in the Islamic World  with Shia against Sunni, moderates against radicals, Sharia law being applied for political ends by organisations such as ISIL/DAESH. Al Quaeda, Al Nusra front, Al Shebab, and Boko Haram in Nigeria. They are similar to the religious wars in Europe between the established Catholic nations and the reformation in the 14th-16th centuries following the crusades against Moslem/Arab nations in the middle ages. Nothing is new in human history, because human nature does not, of itself change. To quote the late Dixon Colley, Gambian journalist in the 1960’s and 70’s. The same people trying to solve the same problems leads to the same results. 
When religious doctrine is MISUSED for a personal or political agenda does bring conflict, and Jammeh’s recent attempts to stay in power by declaring and Islamic State prove this point very close to home. It does not invalidate the religious doctrine itself. Misunderstanding and ignorance do that. Sadly very few believers in Islam or Christianity understand the global nature of their faith or their common roots traceable back to Abraham. The Torah, Bible and it’s derivative the Quran were sent by the one and only true God of all creation to reflect Him and His desire for the GOOD of mankind. He has given every human being free will to choose to keep His Laws and enjoy blessings, peace and fruitfulness or live their lives independently (atheists), or serve satan whom God has allowed to be the God of the natural world we live in. When Jesus was tempted by satan in the desert and satan offered him rule of all the kingdoms of the earth in return for worshipping him, Jesus simply replied “it written (in God’s Word) that you shall worship God alone and no other”. The core message of the Quran is the same. There is only one God and you shall worship Him alone. Both truths come from the Jewish faith summarised in the Shema. “Hear oh Israel the Lord our God is one”. 
The consequences of ignoring God’s spiritual truths are the same as ignoring the natural laws of physics. Step off a high building into nothing and you will fall. Put your hand in fire and you will get burnt. Put your head under water and you will drown. Its not what we believe, but the consequences of violating the laws of nature (physics and chemistry as Bai Toubab calls them). So too in the spirit realm. God is The Spirit who created this world in His image by spiritual means and it operates accordingly. The Torah, Bible and Quran state these principles as revealed by God himself. Obedience brings blessings, while disobedience brings suffering. They are for the good of humanity.
What does this have to do with Gambia? Everything. For the past 50 years too many Gambians have tried to achieve  their ambitions, solve their problems and deal with their enemies through so called “marabouts” or “serrings”. These should translate to Islamic scholars, but most are NOT. The Bible says you shall know a tree by it’s fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. What is the fruit? The result of their words and prayers. Jammeh’s idol worship and support by satan’s agents masquerading as “marabouts” proves the point. Do he or his government reflect a good or merciful God? No, they reflect satan, the god of this world who comes only to kill, steal and destroy. The evidence is clear for all to see, at home and abroad. The Bible says that Godliness lifts up a nation, but sin brings disgrace to any nation. Is there any doubt about the national and international disgrace we are viewed in? The cause of an illness is diagnosed from the symptoms. So too a spiritual problem, like ours.  
Jammeh and his government are the RESULT of the majority of Gambians sins. Neither the Quran nor the Bible advocate going to any intermediary between  a believer and God. The role of the”marabout” or priest should be to clarify the relevant Word of God in the light of the problem, and direct the believer to the appropriate verses and course of action. Both faith’s are unique and clear on this point. They can pray for God’s mercy, forgiveness, protection and guidance according to the faith. Anything else is from satan. Any offering outside the mosque or church is a violation of God himself. This is not to be confused with charitable works. 
The question is what is the spiritual foundation  of Gambia’s future. That far too many have asked for money and power from satan is clear from our current state. Gambia’s problems are spiritual far more than natural. The solution must begin with prayer and repentance (toob). True repentance is neither regret nor tears. It is to turn back to God’s Word,  pray for forgiveness for not keeping it, and pray for HIM to heal our Nation. I can’t quote from the Quran, but in the Bible God promises “if my people who are called by my name will HUMBLE themselves and SEEK my face (not hand) and PRAY then I will HEAR from Heaven and FORGIVE their sins and HEAL their land. God is real, living, all powerful and ever merciful to those who seek Him. 
What does this translate to in Gambian life today? The need for all believers in the one true God to look into the Word of God (Bible or Quran) recognise where we have gone wrong and repent. Don’t believe it? Sierra Leone’s two disastrous civil wars  ended after the leaders called a national fast and publicly repented of their own and their nations sins and prayed for God to heal their nation. Britain stepped in and things changed – not overnight but recovery began. 
If not, we will continue to repeat our current situation. God and His Word will not be mocked by man. Run from the marabout who says I will make it happen whether God likes it not. It’s not a question, if it pleases God…, but if you obey His Word He will bless you and the work of your hands. Whom God has blessed no man can curse, but whom God has cursed no man can bless. This is our situation today. God has cursed Gambia in the form of Jammeh and His regime. All the scriptural evidence confirms this. Only He can change our situation. He who has ears top hear, let him hear. If not continue in darkness and suffering.
Written By Malachi (God’s messenger)
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