Gambia: Breaking News: Yahya Jammeh Is A Rascal!


Gambia – A prominent Gambia-based Senegalese has said that an overwhelming majority of Senegalese consider Yahya Jammeh a rascal who has totally lost all sense of propriety, decorum and responsible political behavior.

He said Yahya Jammeh is without doubt majoring in shoring up his ambition to rule Gambia for the rest of his life.

 “Yahya took his obnoxious willingness to denigrate the highest office in Gambia in a reckless bid to advance his selfish political interests to a new level of irresponsible and rascally behaviour in recent times, leading to the latest border impasse,” he said.

According to him, “the immunity which he currently enjoys notwithstanding, Yahya Jammeh should be under no illusions: a day of reckoning will surely come when he will answer for all his actions.”

He said Yahya is engaged in sundry acts of miss governance, adding that “there are legal, constitutional and moral limits to political rascality beyond which he will not be allowed to go without repercussions”.

He also told dictator Jammeh point blank to stop blackmailing his people who, he said, has demanded nothing from him other than good governance, justice, equity, fairness, real development and progress in Gambia.

“Yahya should stop trying to make innocent Gambians the scapegoat for his woeful performance in Gambia and look to his own very apparent failings and in competencies,” he said. “His unbridled ambition and desire for self- promotion are befuddling his mental faculties and causing him to totally lose touch with reality – the economic misery that has overtaken Gambia.”

Written By A Correspondent

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