Gambia: Yahya Jammeh’s Health Degenerates Amid Fears For His Possible Demise; Jammeh Invites Ethiopian Prostitutes; Unknown Attackers Hit Gambia??


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, whenever Gambians think that monster Jammeh cannot do anything worst he always surprises people. Dictator Jammeh is sick both mentally and physically. DCC will first begin with the postponement of the National Assembly meeting, if you recall DCC reported on the last publication that dictator Jammeh is sick and is avoiding to go to the office. The whole of last week he only went to the office one time, our DCC NIA agent is monitoring everything. Monster Jammeh is avoiding the people because he do not want people to see how small and skinny he has become. He is seriously sick and needs overseas treatment.

zai jammehThe National Assembly was supposed to start at 5pm and monster Jammeh first delayed it and around 6pm he postponed it and ran to Kanilai. This dictator who do not care about the country made people wait for more than 5 hours, both young and old were waiting for him. Everybody was surprised and shock when the announcement was made that the event was postponed. People cannot believe it and to this minute people are still talking about it. Foreign dignitaries, women, children and civil servants could not understand it.

Unknown to so many Gambians, monster Jammeh is completely paranoid and is under constant fear. Dictator Jammeh is not telling the whole security chiefs that the December 2014 attempted coup is not finished. The previous night before the National Assembly was postponed DCC agents gathered that there was imminent threat and undercover officers were assigned to patrol key places and dictator Jammeh was advised that it may not be safe for him to attend the event. There are too many traps and pitfalls for dictator Jammeh and that is why whenever he is suspicious of anything he will run to Kanilai because that is his comfort zone. He waited until everybody entered the National Assembly building and departed for Kanilai. He is been informed that there are intruders at large in the country and nobody can locate them. So monster Jammeh for now has decided to avoid any public places, he is avoiding crowded places such as Talinding market place, Burusbi turntable, Latri Kunda, etc. As we speak, monster Jammeh is in Kanilai and Gambians you will be shocked with the number of women dictator Jammeh is sleeping with.

Fellow Gambians, whenever devil Zeinab travels monster Jammeh will engage women even before devil Zeinab planes depart the airport. Fellow Gambians according to reliable DCC agents at Kanilai monster Jammeh has over 10 girls from Ethiopia in Kanilai. To no one’s surprise it is the global pimp Jimbeh Jammeh who is hosting these girls at the Sindola Kanilai hotel. Since monster Jammeh attended the AU Summit in Ethiopia the Gambian Embassy in Ethiopia has been making arrangement for Ethiopian prostitutes to visit the Gambia.

Fellow Gambians, do you know how much it cost to bring these last group of Ethiopian prostitutes, it cost 1.5 million dalasis Gambians. The Chief of Protocol and the Gambian Embassy in Ethiopia knows what DCC is saying and they cannot deny this. Monster Jammeh is right now in Kanilai sleeping with these prostitutes and Jimbeh Jammeh is the one is coordinating everything. On devil Zeinab’s last trip to America she traveled with Jimbeh so that she will not be able to make these types of arrangement for dictator Jammeh. This time Jimbeh did not travel with devil Zeinab and DCC has seen Jimbeh taking girls from the hotel to dictator Jammeh’s residence since Thursday night. The soldiers at Kanilai cannot believe what they are seeing, dictator Jammeh just left Kanilai after staying there for three weeks sleeping with different women. The soldiers are angry and disgruntle, they don’t have time to see or spend with their families whilst monster Jammeh is just after his personal pleasure. He is sick but he is taking sex medicine. A lot of the soldiers are angry with Jimbeh Jammeh, after monster Jammeh is finished Jimbeh is going to be in big trouble, she is the one who books the hotel and brings new consignment of women to dictator Jammeh. Dictator Jammeh do you want to deny that there are Ethiopian prostitutes with you in Kanilai. You don’t love the country, all you do is sleep with different women. Do you want to deny that when sleeping with these girls you turn the light off completely so that they don’t see your health condition and you tell them it is for spiritual reasons they cannot see you.

In the meantime, Gambians DCC can assure you that it is finished for monster Jammeh, let us UNITE under one UMBRELLA and get rid of this dictator. Dictator Jammeh the biggest mistake you made is making the Gambians be afraid of you in the beginning and not like you, guess what, Gambians are not afraid of you anymore. It is just a matter of time.

This is The Soldier, RIP Ello Jallow, Mile-2 Nine and December 2014 Martyrs. 

Written By The Soldier 

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