General Musa Is Under NIA Custody!


General Musa Savage is under NIA custody, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Savage, was taken into custody today. No reason has been given for his NIA invitation. This medium can report that Savage is helping the NIA with their investigations.

General Savage is the Kanilai Camp Commander. He is one of the close aides of dictator Yahya Jammeh. He was promoted after the thwarting of the December, 30, 2014 failed mutiny. Bai Lowe, recently appeared in another medium discussing Jammeh’s security detail. 

It would be recalled that General Savage’s name came up after the coup was foiled. It was alleged that he met Bai Lowe, while attending a course in Germany. Bail Lowe, was among the State House attackers. He later fled to Germany.

We will keep you posted with developments.  Stay tuned…

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