Gambia: Breaking News: Over Fifty Yellow Trucks Belonging To Jammeh Grounded Due To The Border Closure; Jammeh Is Supplying Meat To Communities For Ritual Purposes!


The recent border closure is costing Yahya Jammeh millions of dalasi revenue loss, this medium can reveal. Over fifty trucks belonging to Yahya Jammeh have been grounded as a result of the border closure. Alhagie Mustapha Faye, AKA Alikalagi, was right when he said Jammeh has been hard hit by the border closure.

A source writing from Banjul, who listened to Mr. Faye’s Tuesday radio program said: “Dear Pa, it is true what Alhagie Mustafa is saying. The trucks are yellow color there are about 50 of them.”

Concerned by his deteriorating health condition, and the precarious looming security situation in the country, Jammeh has resorted to taking out ritual charities. The charity is in the form of meat. He is supplying communities with meat.  

“On a different note, Yaya Jammeh has been giving out bags of meat as charity since Monday, from Serekunda Market, Brikama Market , Tipper garage, Serekaunda mosque. These meats are put on plastic bags in side army trucks distrbuted by the army. Remember that plastic bags were banned in the Gambia yett these meat are being bagged in black bags and distributed across the country. The situation is very tense. Regards,” our source hinted.

In the meantime, General Musa Savage is still under NIA custody. Mr. Savage is being investigated in connection with the March 2006 coup, the failed December, 30th 2014 mutiny among other national security concerns.

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