Gambia: Breaking News: Jammeh Accused Of Having Sex With One Of His Female Cabinet Ministers!


A former female cabinet Minister in the rogue Jammeh administration has been explaining about how dictator Yahya Jammeh used to invite her into his office under the pretext of briefing him, only for the dictator to lure her into sexual intercourse, this medium can reveal. The former Minister said Jammeh is a male whore, who sexually exploits his female workers. She recalled Yahya Jammeh asking her to perform an oral sex with him one fine morning, when Jammeh phoned her to meet him in his office.

The former Minister told her loved ones that Jammeh has sexually abused so many female cabinet Ministers, who served his administration.

“He prefers hiring female Ministers than men folks. This is largely due to his growing appetite for sex. There are few female Ministers, who can say that Jammeh hasn’t mess with them sexually. Since he uses force to rule this country, no one will formally confess that she has sex with Jammeh while serving his cabinet. He sleeps with us. Jammeh is a sexual pervert,” said the former Minister.

Jammeh, she said, is in the business of touching and making inappropriate sexual comments and gestures to his female Ministers, and office staff.  Some of us felt being sexually violated by this monster, she said.

According to the former Minister, some of the women, who slept with Jammeh have complained in the past of contracting sexually transmitted disease (STI). Jammeh is sick and he is indiscriminately having sex with his staff, she alleged.

There are five women currently serving Jammeh’s cabinet, excluding the Deputy Secretary General. Out of the five female Ministers, four are single ladies. One of them is married, but her husband lives in the United States.

“Jammeh is using his home villa, Kanilai, as a sex paradise. He would occasionally instruct his female Ministers to meet him in Kanilai for sex. These women have been sexually abused. They are afraid to relate their stories to the world. None of these women loves Jammeh. They are entertaining his sexual advances because he is the Head of State. He is following the footsteps of the late dictator Ghadaffi.  Jammeh is a player,” she said.

Many Gambian men folks have divorced their wives because of the suspicion that dictator Jammeh is having an affair with their spouses. The dictator’s growing appetite for sex has no boundary. This will come to light, when his government becomes history. More women will come forward to discuss their stories. His orderlies and bodyguards will testify before the Commissions, how they used to schedule women to meet Jammeh in Kanilai for sex.

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