Gambia: Breaking News: Jammeh Is Counterfeiting The US Dollar; Main Land China Be Forewarned!


Fatou Mass Jobe is under the radar of Freedom Radio Gambia. Our agents on the ground are currently investigating her ties with Gambia’s gold digger wife. Fatou Mass is one person actively enabling the Jammehs. She needs to understand that she cannot go scot free after aiding and abetting the Jammehs. She must face justice one day. 

JAMMEH IS SICKFatou Mass knows too much. We doubt if Yahya Jammeh will allow her to retire peacefully. She is now part of the Jammeh mafia cartel. She has been initiated into the Jammeh cartel. If she is lucky, she might end up in jail.

Fatou Mass, is the Jammeh front woman, tasked to oversee  their so called Foundation to scam the Arabs and the international community. This phony Foundation needs to be investigated by the Western intelligence.

Reports have it that the Jammehs have started counterfeiting the US dollar and other international currencies. The currency printing machine that was seized and kept at the Fajara barracks is now in the hands of the Jammehs. The dollar, the Euro, and other western currencies are being counterfeited in the Gambia.

CHINA 2The Jammehs would be shocked about the volume of information we have gathered about their dubious activities. Fatou Mass Jobe stay away from the Jammehs. They might end up scapegoating you when things got worst. Mark our word!

As we speak, even the NIA are talking about the fake dollars, and Euros being printed by the Jammeh hegemony in The Gambia. Such illegal practices is going to have an adverse ramifications on our already dead economy. Signing a diplomatic ties with China, doesn’t give you the license to counterfeit foreign currencies!

Since the Chinese have agreed to reach a diplomatic ties with the rogue regime in Banjul, Jammeh wants to trade the millions of legitimate dollars trickling down from Main Land China to The Gambia with his counterfeited foreign bank notes. Jammeh thinks that it is harvesting season for him. China is being placed on notice: The Gambian economy has been dominated with fake foreign currencies. Jammeh has seen the recent ties between The Gambia and China, as an opportunity to flood the market with fake currencies.

The Central Bank of The Gambia ought to have known better. But since Jammeh’s enablers are running the show for him, what else do you expect Gambia? The CBG Governor Amadou Colley is another enabler of dictator Jammeh. We know what’s going on at the CBG. Time will tell.

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