Gambia: Breaking: UDP Stalwart Warns APRC Politicians To Stop Praising Themselves Over Imaginary Feats!


Gambia – A UDP opposition figure has charged politicians in the ruling APRC party to stop deceiving the Gambian electorate, and praising themselves over imaginary feats.

She told Freedom that the party stayed in power this long “because they deceived Gambians that their rudderless ship was actually sailing Gambia to a majestic destination, but Gambians now know that they had all along been dancing on top of deceit, in the name of governance.”

According to her, in every street in Gambia, people now are criticising the rot wrecked upon Gambia by the APRC in its past 21 years of bad governance.

“They were in Kombo North on Sunday and rather than tell the people that they have failed, these dishonest politicians are praising themselves over imaginary feats,” she said. “They should stop deceiving the electorate because in this our political clime, Gambians are beginning to realise that they have been scammed this regime.”

She explained further that the era of deceit has passed and if one wants to succeed in politics in the 21st century, they must keep to their words.

She added: “And rather than engage credible Gambians to help build a better nation, what we have seen from the APRC presidency is appointment of cronies and political robbers as well as harassment of perceived political opponents.

 “This year’s election is very important and Gambians should vote for qualified people with the fear of God. The APRC government has no clue to solving the unemployment and other big problems in this country.”

She also said that the greatest indictment against any administration is to be seen trying to destroy opposition of all sorts as this invariably means destroying democracy.

Written By A Correspondent

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