Gambia: BOMBSHELL: Scared Of Future Coup Plots, Paranoid Jammeh Installs ₤1.8M High-Tech Container Scanner At Gambia’s Seaport To Combat Smuggling Of Weapons!


Gambia – Gambia’s especially paranoid strongman Yahya Jammeh has installed high-tech container scanning equipment at Gambia’s only seaport, a deep dig by Freedom has revealed.

Sulayman-Samba-276x300The move is aimed at combating smuggling and to find hidden contraband, including explosives, weapons and narcotics.

The over 1.8 million euros equipment is in response to the December 30, 2015, failed coup.

One of the participants in that coup, Alagie Barrow, managed to clear a 40-foot container at the port – loaded with weapons used in the coup. The container was shipped from the United States.

This development is inconsistent with what officials at Gambia Ports Authority have been telling Gambians.

At the commissioning of the equipment on Wednesday in Banjul, they said the deployment of the equipment is meant to streamline the work of officers and boost efficiency.

Dictator Jammeh’s closest aide Sulayman Samba presided over the event on his behalf.

But presidency and other sources have told Freedom that the equipment is aimed at targeting in-bound containers for weapons.

The equipment was reportedly procured from an international company called Kalmar, based in Sweden.

Yahya Jammeh is one of the world’s most brutal dictators. He has ruled Gambia with an iron fist since coming to power in 1994 through a coup. Gambians have grown increasing frustrated against him and there have been many plots to overthrow his regime in the past. Yahya Jammeh has now fallen trap to what could be called congenital paranoia, and has has been accused of trying to stay in office by hook or crook.

Written By A Correspondent

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