Gambia: Breaking News: Gen. Musa Savage Regains His Freedom, As Savage Throws Dirt At Fugitive Bai Lowe; Branding Him A Liar!


The detained Kanilai Camp Commander General Musa Savage has regained his freedom for now, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Mr. Savage, was questioned and released pending further investigations into his case. He is currently placed under close surveillance by Yahya Jammeh’s surveillance team.

News of Savage’s release was brought to our attention last night by an NIA insider. The insider intimated that Savage’s case file is still open. He added that the Army General has denied his involvement into the December, 30th failed mutiny, including the Ndure Cham led coup in March of 2006.

According to the insider, Yahya Jammeh is on the verge of ditching Savage into the gutters after using him to snitch on other officers of the Armed Forces. The source said the job of General Savage is on the line.

“Savage has claimed in his statement that he is still loyal to the President. He said he is ready to die for him. He also accuses Bai Lowe of spreading lies against him. He said he has never spoken or met Bai Lowe in Germany. He was questioned and asked to leave,” the insider said.

General Savage and the late Lieutenant Ebou Lowe enrolled into the army the same year. They were both commissioned at the same time. Ebou Lowe was later elevated to the position of Kanilai Camp Commander, while Savage was stationed at Fajara and Yundum barracks respectively.

Ebou Lowe, was said to have been implicated in the March, 2006 failed coup. He was subsequently executed together with Daba Marenah, Alpha Bah, Alieu Ceesay, and Manlafi Corr.

The former coup leader Colonel Ndure, now a fugitive living in Senegal, was said to have contacted various unit heads in the army to help him overthrow Jammeh’s regime. Former Army RSM Alpha Bah was tasked with interrupting with the Africell communication line along the Kairaba Avenue.

Musa Savage was armed with a machine gun on the day of the operation. He was stationed in Yundum at the time. He was briefly detained, tortured and later released. He was accused of being complicit to the Ndure Cham coup. His mom pleaded with Yahya Jammeh to secure his release and subsequent reinstatement into the army.

This paper phoned Musa Savage today on his cellular phone in a bid to confirm the veracity of his release. The General picked up the phone. Due to bad line connection, we never gotten the chance to speak to him. The line late dropped.

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