Gambia: Man, Named In The Yaya Barrow, Purported Multi million Dollar Inheritance Fund Debunks Barrow’s Claims That The ICC Chief Prosecutor Wanted To Poison Him With A Smoke fish!


Dear Mr. Nderry, I am the Lamin Touray, who is being mentioned in Yaya’s case. I know how the situation started because I am the one who brought Yaya and Philip in contact. I heard Yaya mentioning to you in the radio that I am his friend that is not true. Yaya is a friend of my friend and through my friend that’s how I know Yaya.

I remember very well the day that Yaya and my friend visited me in Holland. Yaya was very desperate to be helped.

I was following your radio conversation with Yaya, but what I understand from the conversation is Yaya is all the time running away from your questions.

Let Yaya tell you clearly how Philip and his wife were trying to steal his money. Let Yaya be honest and tell the truth everyone including myself, who was involved in Yaya’s case with all with intensions to help. Yaya is trying to twist the story especially the part that he is mentioning about the smoke fish that Fatou gave to his friend by the name Balla Jarjue to kill him he is not telling you the truth.

For Yaya, anyone who is not with him that you are bad. Don’t waste your time making programs for such false stories like this.

PHILIP BENSOUDAAs Yaya already gave you my contacts you can contact me at any time for further details.


Lamin Touray.

Editors note: Thanks Mr. Touray for stating your other side of the story. We will phone you in due course to see if you can come on air to further shed light on some of the claims made by Yaya Barrow. We will also reach out to Philip Bensouda, and Ms. Bensouda for an interview. This is an important developing story, which needs to be given the necessary coverage it deserved. Thanks once again for speaking out.  

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