Gambia: Breaking News: Fraud At The National Accreditation And Quality Assurance Authority (Formerly National Training Authority Nta)


Please allow me sir, to bring to your attention a serious fraud that has taken place at the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority(formerly The National Training Authority NTA), committed by Dr. Cherno Omar Barry , Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Higher Education Research Science and Technology.

ABUBACARR SENGHOREIt has been revealed that at the NAQAA Council’s Meeting of 18th September 2015, at which meeting Council approved the payment of monthly Charged allowance of 40 % and 35% respectively to be paid to Dr. Barry as NAQAA (OVERSEER) and Mr. Edirissa Colley , NAQAA Interim Head, from the salary of the defunct NTA Director General which translate to twenty three thousand one hundred and eleven dalasis seventy eight bututs(D23, 111.78) of which twelve thousand three hundred and twenty six dalasis, twenty eight bututs(D12 326.28) representing 40% of which goes to Dr Barry and ten thousand five hundred and eighty five dalasis and fifty bututs (D10 585.50) goes to  Mr. Edirissa Colley on a monthly basis , effective August 2015.

Instead Dr. Barry requested from the management of NAQAA to be paid the entire sum of D23, 111.78 claiming that the Chairman of Council Mr. Edirissa Mass Jobe told him (Dr. Barry) to collect the entire sums of money on a monthly basis, which information he knew was false. My source told me that the matter was brought to the attention of the Hon. Minister of Higher Education, the Hon Minister engaged the Chairman on the issue and the Chairman refuted the allegation made against him by Dr. Barry.

As a patriotic Gambian, I thought it fitting to bring this to your attention this shameless act by someone at that level, with a view for Gambians to know how some senior government officials are squandering our resources with impunity. This requires investigation.


5/08/15                D69, 335.34

2/12/2015            D23, 111.78

22/12/2015          D23, 111.78

28/01/2016         D23, 111.78

28/02/2016         D23, 111.78

Grand total paid out to Dr. Barry D161, 782.46

Please note that payment vouchers of the payments  made to Dr. Barry in respect of this fraudulent act are available at the NAQAA Headquarters together with copies of minutes of the 18th September 2015. It is the believe of those NAQAA insiders that the Governing Council of NAQAA wants to swept this whole scam under the carpet, because of nepotism.

Finally, it is widely rumored that Dr. Barry is bragging saying that nothing will come out of this because he is connected to the Presidency, meaning the Office of the President, State House Banjul.

I hope you can publish this for people to know

Thank you.

Written By A Concerned Gambian

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