Gambia: Breaking News: Epileptic Power Supply In Gambia Blamed On Gambia-Senegal Border Impasse


Gambia – The ongoing border impasse between Gambia and Senegal is to blame for the epileptic power supply in Gambia, a senior official at NAWEC has informed Freedom.

According to him, the fuel that the National Water and Electricity Company of Gambia use passes through Senegal.

“In the past few weeks, we have been managing the little fuel that is available,” the official said. “The government has now come to some sort of agreement and fuel has now arrived.”

The official noted further that the prevailing power situation in the country is worse in the interior part of the country where regions have gone for days without electricity. “In Baddibou, some villages have gone for days without any power,” he added.

It is over a month and half now since the Gambia-Senegal border was closed to all trucks and other commercial vehicles, causing disruption in trade between the two countries.

Border crossings at Amdalaye, Karang and Kerr Ayip-Kerr Ali were on the 17 and 18 of February 2016 closed to all vehicles from either side by the Senegalese road transport union officials in reaction to the reported introduction of a new tariff imposed by Gambia on all Senegalese registered trucks entering the country.

The Senegalese transport owners and their representatives said they were protesting against the unilateral introduction of the new tariff by the Gambian authorities, pegging it at 400, 000 CFA francs per truck, in addition to the CFA 1000 francs being charged per tonne which they have been paying at the ferry crossings.

This the truckers described as exorbitant and unacceptable.

Since the closure of the border, it has been reported that the transport unions of the two countries have been holding indoor meetings but it is yet to yield dividends, and the two governments remain mute over the issue.

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