Gambia: Breaking News: Gambia’s Ghost Ferry Crossing Point Stations; Amid Border Closure!


Pa, Gambia’s ferry services have completely collapsed.  Banjul, Barra or Bambatenda – Yellitenda, are also completely empty. These outlets have been reduced as ghost ferry crossing stations.



To insult to injury, the broke security forces forced travelers to pay tickets even they are crossing by boa or Canoe. Telling us that the concrete you bare walking on was constructed using our money (GPA). They failed to understand that it was built from taxpayer’s money and here again we are forced to pay for walking on a pavement GPA built. If the trend continuous, do not be surprised if travelers are being asked to pay for going to the market.





On the other hand, Gambians of recent, we have we seen Customs coming up with checkpoints in the heart of our settlements. Traveling form Jarra Soma to the crossing point, you will walk into custom’s checkpoint at Jenoi. Sorry, I have to go, but I will send the pictures later.   

Written By A Freedom Contributor In Banjul

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