Gambia: Breaking News: No Single Party Can dislodge APRC, Says Committee


Gambia – No single party can wrestle power from the ruling APRC party, the Inter-Party Committee on Opposition Unification in Gambia has said.

The committee’s secretary Musa Sonko in a joint statement on Tuesday described as an illusion the assumption that one single party could remove APRC from power.

“Let there be no illusion the fact that no single opposition party in the country can defeat the APRC government due to the bad electoral laws and rules designed by the IEC to entrench and perpetuate the APRC rule,” Sonko said.

According to him, the formation of the inter-party committee which comprises six opposition parties in Gambia is in response to the universal demand by the electorate and other realities.

He explained that, “Members and supporters of six opposition parties have decided to close ranks and fight together for the attainment of genuine electoral reforms and if necessary put up a single candidate against President Jammeh in order to effect change.”

Sonko added that this round, relations between their respective opposition parties are based on mutual cooperation, trust, respect and understanding.

Gambia will go to the polls on December 1 to elect a new president and political sentiment has been yo-yoing in the tiny West African nation.

Removing Jammeh who is largely seen as a dictator will be difficult, according to some analysts.

The opposition in Gambia is notoriously fractious, and Yahya Jammeh will count on friendly electoral and judicial institutions to help him frustrate opposition plans with delaying and blocking tactics.

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