Gambia: Editorial: Gambia’s Election: Yahya Jammeh’s Government Might Have Danced Its Last Dance


Gambia’s presidential election is due next December and political rhetoric is already rising. The opposition will once again seek to remove Yahya Jammeh from power. Jammeh’s government would have been 22 years old, well before any election is conducted.

There are many opposition political parties that have emerged. This is healthy for a democratic society. The political parties should however work together as a united force to ensure that they can win against the APRC.

This year’s election is significant because the country is facing myriad of problems. People’s progress has been moving at a glacially slow pace. This is even as the government continues to peddle fiction by claiming otherwise.  

Yahya Jammeh has not done much to fulfill his campaign promises. Unemployment is a big problem and this is forcing the country’s youth to flee. He has not been able to create an enabling environment where every Gambian would thrive. Whatever he did, the people were never at the core of policies.

The country has been turned into a dictatorship. There is fear everywhere. Yahya Jammeh had always resorted to brute force and dictatorial tendencies. He derived pleasure in committing and condoning evil deeds.

Gambians (even those who sympathized and perceived him to be a saint) are now realizing that they are inside a one-chance bus under Yahya Jammeh. They now know that all the problems in the country today are a creation of his administration.

And so the growing lack of confidence in Jammeh’s calamitous government is a goldmine for Gambia’s opposition to explore. Top notches in the opposition must strategise well if they want to successfully turn the table against the APRC.

In a political clime such as ours, Gambians are beginning to appreciate the value of democracy. The country is broken and a post-Yahya Jammeh presidency should be about sweeping in to rescue a flailing country from a misruling government. It is possible.

Written By An Editorial Staff Member

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