Gambia: Breaking News: Amid An Imminent Gambian Spring Revolution; Paranoid Dictator Places His Soldiers On A Standby!


Gambia’s Armed Forces have been placed on twenty four hours standby—amid reports of an imminent Gambian Spring revolution, which is about to hit the impoverished tiny West African nation, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Almost all military camps across the country are on a standby. The paranoid Kanilai dictator Yahya Jammeh has ordered his security chiefs to be vigilant and quell any slightest form of demonstration coming from any quarters, our  sources said.

JAMMEH IS SICKToday is the deadline for Gambian political parties to regularize their status, or risked being deregistered by the partisan Jammeh handpicked “Independent Electoral Commission.” In order to maintain security, and also save his inept regime from being toppled through a popular uprising, dictator Jammeh has decided to reactivate his military might. He has ordered all soldiers to be on heightened alert in coming days and weeks.

A senior army officer, who spoke to the Freedom Newspaper on condition of anonymity said the dictator is increasingly worried about the potentials of a possible opposition showdown in the country. The army officer said they were told by Jammeh to be on the lookout for possible demonstrators.

“The situation is tense here. We have been instructed to place our men on duty on standby. Jammeh is increasingly paranoid and worried. He kept telling us that some bad guys are determined to upset the nation’s peace. As I am speaking to you, there is a standby taking place here in our barracks. We do not know exactly where the threat is originating from. Jammeh is sick. He wants us to save him from being toppled and yet he is not taking good care of us,” the officer said.

Within the country, there is growing resentment against Yahya Jammeh and his liability regime. Gambians are openly complaining. They are the least happy with the status quo. There is real hunger here in Banjul. The government has failed in many respects: I.E the crumbled economy; the collapsed infrastructure, the massive unemployment, the lack of pay raise for workers, human rights disaster, just to name a few.

With the current Gambia/Senegal border closure, national security analysts here, are not convinced that Jammeh’s regime would continue to prevail under the environment of looming political and economic uncertainty. Gambians are running out of patience and in the absence of a surging economy, people might resort to revolt.

“The Gambia is at crossroads. Jammeh is living on a borrowed time. The conditions for a popular revolution is ripe in The Gambia. Jammeh is aware of the growing resentment amongst the populace here. His own followers are not happy either. When a government ceases to be productive, and it neglects the plight of its citizenry; it is a recipe for instability. Like many dictators, Jammeh has been preoccupied pursuing his own economic needs at the detriment of the country. He is very unpopular today in The Gambia. Everyone wants him to leave office,” said the analyst.

An APRC National Assembly Member told the Freedom Newspaper that Jammeh would do justice to himself and the country, if he can gracefully quit the Presidency. The MP said no amount of manipulation or force can scare the citizenry from reclaiming their country from a liability head of state.

“Jammeh is very childish. When you raised the issue of his health status on your radio, and therefore call for his impeachment, the next thing we know Jammeh handed huge amount of money to his emissaries to give it to the House Speaker Abdoulie Bojang. He is apparently trying to bribe us. The general consensus here is that: Jammeh is medically unfit to effectively execute the functions of the Presidency,” said the MP.

A Christian Leader in The Gambia told this medium that Jammeh is trying to win the hearts and minds of the Christian electorate by donating money to churches. “He has offended the Christians here, when he declared the secular nation of The Gambia an Islamic State. Concerned by the possibility of losing the Christian vote, Jammeh is using money thinking that he can buy us out. He can buy his ungodly Imams and not Christian leaders,” he said.

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