Gambia: Breaking News: Gambia’s Jammeh Defends The Terrorist Group ISIS; Says The West Is Being Hypocritical For Refusing To Designate The KKK As A Christian Terrorist Organization!


Gambia’s erratic and delusional Yahya Jammeh, has unveiled an ongoing plans spearheaded by his regime to legislate a new law to officially transform The Gambia as an Islamic State. Mr. Jammeh said the proposed bill would be tabled before the National Assembly before he would assent his signature on it. The Kanilai jester, who appeared fatigue, weak and pale, told a packed Parliament, among the attendees, include western diplomats that Sharia Law is going to rule The Gambia henceforth. Sharia law, would become the supreme law of the land, Jammeh said during his speech characterized by threats against the opposition.

Jammeh’s pronouncement was greeted with shock and disbelief. Many couldn’t believe what they were hearing from Jammeh’s mouth. If the proposed Islamic State bill is passed by Parliament, it would mean that Gambia’s jurisprudence is going to change as well, said one political observer.

Mr. Jammeh also accuses the west of double standards in its quest to fight terrorism. In Jammeh’s own words, “It is hypocritical for the west to designate ISIS as a terrorism organization, when the KKK in the United States of America, is being treated differently.” Jammeh contends that it is hypocritical on the part of the west to designate ISIS as a Muslim terrorist Organization, when the same west is not willing to designate the KKK as a Christian terrorist organization. 

A flipflopping Jammeh went on to add: “I condemned Bokoharam, Al Qaeda, Islamic state, these groups are tarnishing the name of Islam by killing people especially Muslims. ” “Islam is not synonymous with violence, haters ,democracy is also the same. Muslims are more than one billion in the world we should promote peace and good neighborliness,” 

Despite his denunciation of ISIS, the controversial Gambian despot spoke in favor of ISIS. He maintains that the west’s claim of ISIS being a Muslim terrorist organization, can only be credible if the west is willing to designate the KKK as a Christian terrorist organization. Diplomats shook their head in disbelief, when the insane Gambian despot defended the genocidal ISIS terrorist group.

It is not clear how the Obama White House and other western nations would react to Mr. Jammeh’s absurd and ridiculous claims. It is now clear that Yahya Jammeh is pro ISIS. He thinks that the West’s war on terror is questionable, as long as he KKK is not designated as a Christian terrorist organization. 

Mr. Jammeh’s government used to be a close ally of the then Bush administration during the Iraq war. Now that he is not receiving anti terror funds from the US, he has switched his loyalty. Jammeh is now openly embracing ISIS. 

The Gambia is a secular state—with Muslims constituting ninety percent of the population. With the proposed Islamic State coming from Jammeh, the entrenched religious secularity in the constitution must be put to a referendum before Jammeh’s claim of passing a bill of transforming the country into an Islamic State would be legitimate. With Jammeh, you never know. He is Gambia’s De Facto dictator. He is in the business of circumventing the constitution with impunity.

Meanwhile, dictator Jammeh has accused the country’s opposition parties as enemies of his regime. He vows to wipe any opposition move to undermine the nation’s peace and stability. 

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