Gambia: Breaking News: As Gambia/Senegal Border Impasse Bits Jammeh On The Ass; Banjul Delegation To Dakar, Knees On The Floor Begging For The Reopening Of The Border!


The Senegal/Gambia border closure is biting dictator Yahya Jammeh on the ass—prompting the egoistic Kanilai monster to send a special delegation to Dakar, to plead with the authorities in the French speaking country, to help reopen the border, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. A delegation consists of five state Ministers, left Banjul today for Dakar to negotiate for the border impasse. The Gambian delegation have been tasked to reach an amicable settlement in regards to the border crisis.

JOBETalks are currently underway in Senegal, between the Banjul delegation and their Senegalese counterpart to help find a lasting solution to the border closure. The Senegalese transport union has recently protested against the ferry tariff increment introduced by The Gambian government. The union resorted to boycotting the Gambian route. All Senegalese vehicles now travelled via Tamba-Kunda.

According to sources close to The Gambian delegation, the border closure has caused a big blow to Gambia’s already dead economy. One of the officials taking part in the talks said The Gambia Ports Authority revenue collection rate has dramatically declined since Senegal closed its borders with The Gambia.

“We have a dumb and stupid President. He has long been taking the Senegalese for a ride. He has asked us to plead with the Senegalese to negotiate for the reopening of the border. Jammeh now doesn’t mind to meet the demands of the Senegalese transport union. That’s how desperate he is at this hour. Without Senegal, there is no point having a ports. Senegal runs our economy,” said the official.

“Jammeh has threatens to fire and send us to jail in the event we return home without brokering a deal with the Senegalese. He is increasingly worried about the border closure. Jammeh is not the type who normally begs people. He thinks that he is an island. This time around, he is begging Senegal to reopen the border. That’s how laughable the situation is my brother. This man is insane,” said a State Minister taking part in the Dakar talks.

The Senegalese government has maintained that there cannot be fruitful talks with the exclusion of the Senegalese transport union. The Banjul delegation has been referred to the Senegalese transport union to chart the way forward about resolving the border impasse.

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