Gambia: Breaking News: ” I Opposed France’s Intervention In Mali,” Jammeh, As He Threatens Gays And Lesbians!


“ The Gambia will remain for good as  an Islamic state and  bill is going to be tabled on that matter. Islam is a religion of tolerance, love and peace, Gambians are true Muslims, Islam what we embody, we will continue to leave with peace with non-Muslims, we will respect their religions, their belief,” Jammeh said during the opening of the National Assembly on Thursday.  To be Muslim, he said “means to believe god, we will not worship idols, neither the west. I condemned Bokoharam, Al Qaeda, Islamic state, these groups are tarnishing the name of Islam by killing people especially Muslims. Islam is not synonymous with violence, haters, democracy is also the same. Muslims are more than one billion in the world we should promote peace and good neighborliness.”

“For homosexual, it is ungodly, I will never tolerate it here in the Gambia, those who will practice and caught will face full face the full force of the law,” Jammeh added.  Jammeh urged the west stop the double standard.

“After stealing the resources of Africa you want impose your own policy Let Africa alone let Asia alone, you talk about democracy and human rights or said African dictators, yes we are dictators we defend what is good for our countries we are elected by our people,” Jammeh said.

“I opposed France intervention in Mali, the French troops went there without approval of AU or ECOWAS, they did not kill any single rebel, it was the Chadian forces who fought the rebels, the west, let Africa in peace. The west intervene to destabilize Africa,” he claimed.

Mr. Jammeh also talked about setting up Commissions in not too distance future. “ My government will fight corruption, a commission will be set up and swear in soon to  work in earnest,” he said.  

According to Jammeh, the house will table a bill on education: free education in government schools, from primary to university, foreigners living in the Gambia will get free education in the university.

“Two other bills will be tabled before the assembly: forestry, bill those cutting trees and bush fires will be severely punished, those fishing in the  territorial water of the Gambia will have their vessels confiscated and pay heavy fine. My government will implement serious punishments to  those practicing female circumcision, recently a woman was a circumcising a baby of eight months and the baby died, the woman will be charged with murder, the father of the baby and the chief of the village will be arrested  and brought to justice.”

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