Gambia: Desperate Jammeh Has Sends Another Delegation To Dakar


In a yet another drive to beg the Senegalese authorities to end the border crisis, the Press in Senegal are reporting a very strong delegation sent from the Gambia by Yaya Jammeh representing 5 ministries to negotiate with their Senegalese counterparts on a host of significant issues to help ease the tension between Gambia and Senegal. The meeting which was held today, Thursday 31 March 2016, at the King Fahd Palace, touched on 1) the ferry crossings at Barra and Farafenni boycotted by the Senegalese transporters Association following the sudden increment of tariff charges by the Gambian authorities through the directives of Yaya Jammeh, 2) the construction of the bridge at the Gambia river through the financing of ADB for D3.7 billion or 53 billion CFA and the extradition of Boy Djinne, a criminal fugitive, who is purportedly given sanctuary in the Gambia.

OnionsThe border closure have seriously created shortages of essentials commodities such as onions, potatoes, fruits, and a host of building materials amongst which Senegalese gravels that are important requirement for road construction in the Gambia and thus putting a halt to ongoing road works in the country. Where truckloads of onions and other food impediments were loaded on trucks, right now at the ferry terminals you can only see few a fleet of man-held wheel barrows or ‘push-push’ transporting reduced quantities of these items from Senegal. To say that the ferries have been hard-hit by the nonsensical policies of Yaya Jammeh is an understatement.

Today, Jammeh’s policy of ‘whatever is bad for Senegal is good for Gambia” is one of the main stumble blocks for any meaningful relationship with our neighbors. As long as Yaya Jammeh continue to be head of state for Gambia, our relation with Senegal will never be fruitful. There are over forty trucks loaded with goods from Senegal still parked at the border at Karang. Out of these, 17 are loaded with Guinean number plates, 7 loaded with basalt bearing Gambian number plates and the rest contained essentials food impediments bound for the Gambian capital.

With a history of betrayal in his relationship with Senegal, one Senegalese official has told me that this time around Yaya Jammeh will be forced to eat his words and apologize to all Senegalese for cursing and ridiculing their Presidents. The worst is yet to come!


Written By An Insider

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