Gambia: Breaking News: Defiant Yahya Jammeh Ups Anti-Gay Rhetoric, Wants West To Take Gambian Gays!


Gambia – Gambia’s president Yahya Jammeh on Thursday took his anti-gay rhetoric to a new height after calling on Western leaders to ferry all gays out of Gambia and resettle them on their land.

Mr Jammeh who was speaking during the state opening of Gambia’s parliament said homosexuality will never be tolerate in Gambia come what may.

According to the dictator, animals are even more Godly than gays.

“I have the largest number of pigs and cattle, and I have never seen a male pig climbing on top of another male pig or a male cattle climbing on top of another male cattle,” he said.

“I will rather die than to allow it [homosexuality] to happen in Gambia. If they want to perpetrate it, we will be merciless.”

Mr Jammeh said if the West wants gays so much, “they should just put planes at the airport.”

“I will be happy for them to leave.

“If you want them and you want them to live, take them to your country but not in this country.

“So when we talk about it, they say oh sanction the Gambia. Nobody can sanction the Gambia,” he said.

Jammeh said Western sanctions will never work against him.

He said as it was only God who could sanction him.

He also accused the West of calling African presidents dictators and provoking instability in their countries.

Jammeh has often been seen deploying demagoguery against human rights groups, fanning popular hatred of gays, whom he has threatened to behead.

The United States of America and other mature democracies have in the past described Mr Jammeh’s comments as “disturbing.”

They have however not come up with any significant action to restraint him.

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