Gambia: Breaking News: Gambia: MFDC Affiliated Gambian Army Officer Promoted To The Rank Of Brigadier General!


A  rogue Gambian  army officer affiliated with the MFDC rebel group in Casamance, has been decorated to the rank of Brigadier General, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Brigadier General Joseph Bassen was sworn into office by Gambia’s inept Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy. Bassen was handpicked by Yahya Jammeh and crowned the rank of General. He is very affiliated with the MFDC. Bassen is barely known in The Gambian Army. He was elevated from the rank of Lieutenant to Brigadier General.

“Therefore, I encouraged the recently promoted General Officer to redouble his efforts as he will be faced with new challenges and responsibilities. Promotion comes as a result of a lot of devotion, hard work, constant learning and improvement,” Yahya Jammeh remarked in a statement he issued shortly before Bassen was officially sworn into office.

General Joseph Bassen, in response assured dictator Yahya Jammeh that he will never fail him. He vows to exceed the dictator’s expectations.

Bassen’s promotion came in the wake of the arrest of the Kanilai Camp Commander Musa Savage. One officer is in, another officer is out. Jammeh is at his best.

Bassen’s promotion is basically aimed at creating distrust within the army. Already, there is growing mistrust amongst the officers of the Armed Forces. Jammeh initiated him into his terror enterprise in an attempt to use Bassen the coordinate the activities of the MFDC rebels masquerading as civilians in The Gambia. Jammeh is banking on the rebels to help quell any demonstration spearheaded by the opposition.

Overseeing Bassen’s swearing in, Isatou Njie Saidy, urged the Commissioned officer to be loyal to the Kanilai monster. “I have no doubt in my mind, given the confidence His Excellency has in you and good things said by the CDS and PRO, that you will perform according to duties that have been reposed on you,” She said.

Bassen was made to take six oaths of allegiance during his commissioning ceremony.  His boss CDS Ousman Badjie opines that Bassen promotion goes to show the confidence Yahya Jammeh has in the military.

 “I am quite confident that The Gambia Armed Forces will further meet its operational readiness taking into account the expansion and development of The Gambia Armed Forces is going through,” Badjie remarked.

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