Gambia: Breaking News: Yahya Jammeh Likens December 30 Coup To Al Qaeda-Styled Terrorism During Gambia State Opening Speech!


Gambia – Yahya Jammeh has likened the December 30, 2015, coup in Gambia to Al Qaeda-styled terrorism which continues to pose danger to global peace.

During the state opening of Gambia’s parliament yesterday, Mr Jammeh made outrageous comments as he described the December 30 coup’s ringleader Lamin Sanneh and his co-coupists as terrorists.

“Those damn terrorists know that Gambia is a no-go area.

“We don’t believe in violence… We do not subscribe to hate.

“That’s why they will never come here… Don’t think they have not attempted it but they know what happened to them.

“And some of our allies, we handed them over to their host countries,” Mr Jammeh said as he addressed the issue of Boko Haram.

Lamin Sanneh who had commanded an elite military unit charged with protecting Dictator Jammeh, led a heavily-armed attack with seven men on the presidential compound in the capital Banjul on Tuesday December 30, 2014.

Yahya Jammeh is largely seen as a tyrant – a throwback to the African strongmen of the 1970s, and the pre-dawn assault was meant to save Gambia form over two decades of dictatorship.

It took place while Yahya Jammeh was abroad.

Jammeh’s precise whereabouts remained unclear and Gambian officials said he was on a private visit to Dubai at the time.

Forces loyal to Mr Jammeh, who has ruled the Gambia for 21 years, repelled the attack – killing Sanneh and two others.

Yahya Jammeh called it an act of terror.

Mr Jammeh is Africa’s most weird president and has boasted in the past that he will rule Gambia for “a billion years.”

He adopted a ridiculous string of titles: “His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa.”

The last phrase translates to “conqueror of rivers”.

This tyrant also posed as a fetishistic healer, claiming magical powers to cure Aids, asthma and diabetes, and has launched witch-hunts to root out enemy sorcerers.

He has also been accused of massacring protesters and disappearing political opponents.

Through his feared NIA, Yahya Jammeh exercises crushing power of a kind – over every aspect of Gambia’s politics and economy.

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