Gambia: Breaking News: Yahya Jammeh to punish Gambians through re-introduction of colonial era laws!


Gambia – Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh said Thursday that he will re-introduce colonial era environment laws to punish neighborhoods that do not participate in his Operation Clean the Nation program

A defiant Jammeh said the Board of Hell will be re-introduced to ensure proper environment sanitation.

“We are going to bring back the laws during the colonial period on environment sanitation.

“These are laws where when a neighborhood is dirty, that whole neighborhood is punished.

“They used to have a board. It was called the Board of Hell – because when they appear before your door, you’re in serious trouble. We are going to bring back that board.

“When we say Operation Clean the Nation, it has no political connotation because malaria does not know APRC. Keep your environment clean is a health insurance.

“So it’s nothing political. If it were political, I would only ask APRC to clean their area.

“And I’m not that type of leader who will divide a country. I want us to work together as Gambians irrespective of our political affiliation,” Mr Jammeh said.

Written By A Correspondent

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