Gambia: Breaking Yahya Jammeh Calls Gambia Opposition Liars During State Opening Speech!


Gambia – Yahya Jammeh Thursday luxuriated in an invidious trade as he called Gambia opposition liars and enemies of progress.

Gambia’s general election coming up next December and Dictator Jammeh said his part will win by a large margin. 

Waa 1He said: “End your political division and in December, we will beat you hands down.

“If I were in the opposition, I will do all the good things so that people will trust me and if the government does something good, I will say ‘thank you’. This is what we were looking for. Give them more.’

“But an opposition that lies when good things happen is not an opposition party. These are enemies of progress.

“An opposition that wants to see people suffer for them to win elections do not have the interest of the people at heart. The people should not vote for them.”

But an opposition MP said Mr Jammeh must be living in cloud cuckoo land in his claim that Gambia is progressing.

He said Yahya seems to have lost sight of the real issues and is now more concerned about reaching for Gambia opposition’s jugular.

He said APRC is gradually becoming history with many predicting doom that its poor performance in the past 21 years may nail the party’s coffin. 

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