Gambia: Breaking News: Jammeh’s Plots To Attack The UDP Basse Convoy Unveiled; As There Is Nationwide Army Standby; Zeinab Leaves Banjul Amid Political Tensions!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write my boss. Fellow Gambians DCC, has been telling you that monster Jammeh is seriously sick and now the photos of monster Jammeh at the national assembly speaks louder than words. As you can see his head is smaller, his neck is thin and he is wearing double haftans to make him look big, but monster Jammeh cannot now go five days without lying in bed for long time. This is why he cannot go to the office every day, he only forces himself to go to the office when his corrupted financial foot soldiers bring money to him. Now everything is directed to the turtle Isatou Njie Saidy and killer Saul Badjie.

ousman-badjie-dAs reported before, dictator Jammeh is completely confused, don’t know what he is doing. Once again he is declaring Gambia as an Islamic state, he did the same thing with the “VEIL”, and retracted later. As we speak there are a lot of undercover officers eavesdropping on Gambians so that they can report back on the Islamic state topic to monster Jammeh. He wants to know how Gambians will react, if the report is negative he will withdraw again, just watch and see. Dictator Jammeh is a coward, he is testing Gambians and what he fails to understand is that Gambians are not afraid anymore and very soon the people will take to the street.

Prior to going to National Assembly he was worshiping his jalangs, took bath in spiritual water and constantly in touch with his spiritual doctors seeking final advice to go or not to go. Monster Jammeh can barely walk, he is tired, sick, pale and his mouth is always dry. This is one of the reasons he postponed the first National Assembly opening, he is sick and taking a lot of medicine and refusing to go for overseas treatment. All dictator Jammeh wants is to create a problem before the election, he wants fighting to take place, he knows that it is over for him. He will either create an internal problem or problem with Senegal, WRITE THIS DOWN. Just during the Easter, he gave the Christian community money and now again he is declaring Gambia as an Islamic state. Did DCC not tell you that monster Jammeh will give the Christian money in one of our reports, he will try to disburse a lot of money before the election thinking that money will buy “LOVE”.

saul-badjie-e1441514359592Fellow Gambians, in another development all top security chief heads have been instructed to be on standby. Unknown to many Gambians all the generals and all the barracks are on standby like they are going to war. As most of you know the UDP party is in URR and a DCC agent is within them and there are also a lot of monster Jammeh’s agents traveling with UDP. Gambians the UDP delegation has more than 100 cars with high profile people, and this information has reached dictator Jammeh and he is very concerned and has instructed killer Saul Badjie to be on standby. Dictator Jammeh do not trust the opposition and he received information that the opposition are not afraid ANYMORE. He has taken this briefing very seriously and he instructed the generals in the army to be fully armed and DCC has seen military officers with high caliber weapons. They are showing their ammunition to the public so that people can be afraid but people are not afraid anymore.

UDP is leaving URR tomorrow and they should be on high alert, dictator Jammeh’s is monitoring their every move and has instructed the army to be on standby like they are going to a battle field. They are afraid that the opposition will start a public uprising and they are not taking any chances. DCC is warning the security heads that they are being monitored and they will be responsible for anything that happened to any innocent Gambian. To just name a few the following people are under the DCC radar and your names have been submitted to the international community. Gambians these are some of the people who are executing monster Jammeh’s executives even if it means killing innocent Gambians:

Lt. General Saul Badjie

IGP of Police Yankuba Sonko

Ousman Sonko minister of Interior AKA the Terminator

DG of NIA Yankuba Badjie

Major Nuha Badjie

Major Landing Tamba

General Borra Colley

General Musa Savage

DG of immigration Pa Mboub

General Ansumana Tamba

General Joseph Bassen

zainab_jammeh-dThese are just few of the names but DCC is monitoring all of you, you are the ones who are helping monster Jammeh jail and kill innocent Gambians. DCC is warning you that after monster Jammeh is gone you will be arrested and will be force to hold an “APOLOGY MARCH “with banners saying that you were just following orders. The Gambian people will make you march from Kartong to Fatoto and eventually hold you responsible for all the crimes you have committed. Saul Badjie, Yankuba Badjie, IGP Yankuba Sonko, GRTS propaganda lying machine, and anyone who is helping monster Jammeh be “ ready for this APOLOGY MARCH”, Gambians will make you walk holding banners reading that “ you were just following orders. How many times have you confided to DCC agents and family members that “you are just following orders. All of you helping dictator Jammeh oversee his state run companies, newspapers, utilities, etc will one day “ REGRET”.

Fellow Gambians, in another disturbing development DCC can fully confirm to you that NAWEC is not only bankrupt but beyond repair. Unless the border opens NAWEC will not be able to operate in the next month or so, it is over. There is no fuel, no spare parts and no engine oil. Very soon there will be a general blackout all over the country. NAWEC is just managing and some staff members have not been paid for a long time, this is very serious Gambians. Very soon there will be also water shortage because NAWEC will not be able to provide even water services. DCC is warning Gambians to not abandon their local wells, if you don’t have a well plan to dig a well in your compound. Monster Jammeh is taking Gambians back to the Stone Age, very soon you will see people start digging local wells, just watch and see. This warning should be taken very seriously and it is not a JOKE. NAWEC is finish.

NAVY-OFFICER-Fellow Gambians, according to reliable DCC agents the Gambian Navy Chief Lt. Commander Momodou Badjie is not wanted for money but for the  2014 attempted coup d’état. He is accused of helping some of the coup plotters escape using the marine resources. Dictator Jammeh is very good at using the GRTS and Daily Observer propaganda machines to lie to the people. Monster Jammeh is a liar announcing that this man is wanted for money and it is not true. Mr. Badgie was tipped by senior Gambia security personal that he should leave the country. According to a reliable DCC agent, Mr. Badjie is safely in Cassamance with his family and time will tell about his involvement in the 2014 attempted coup. As DCC has reported on this paper before, IT IS NOT OVER!!! Dictator Jammeh knows why he is using the militia group trained in Kanilai to look for intruders and patrol all the time around the villas in the Kombo area. Monster Jammeh knows what dictator Jammeh is talking about. This is why he cannot sleep and is always insulting everybody who works with him and also insulting his own family.

On a last note, according to our DCC airport agent devil Zeinab is traveling to France today, will be back to the Gambian in four days and will go back to America with daughter Mariam who is returning from Easter Holiday, and Gambians all these trips are on private planes, you can calculate the total cost. Devil Zeinab DCC is reminding you of what happened to Ben Ali’s wife, was she not a lavish spender like you, what happened to her and her relatives, were they not all arrested after her husband was ousted from power? Devil Zeinab you know that dictator Jammeh prime time is over, he is finish, we are currently chronicling his imminent downfall. You and your husband planted bad seeds and that is what you will harvest.  

This is The Soldier RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs.

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