Gambia: Letter To The National Assembly Members To Impeach Yaya Jammeh Who Wants To Become Ayatollah In The Islamic Republic And Replace All MPS With Jolas!


The Members of the National Assembly,

National Assembly Building


Dear Honorable MPS,

I have just heard that the President of the Republic of the Gambia will soon table the Bill to finally make the Gambia an Islamic State despite giving out loud assurances to our Christians brothers and sisters that they will still be allowed to continue their religious practices unhindered under Sharia law. What is surprising to many is that this statement that was made during the rescheduled State Opening of Parliament came straight on the heels of a presentation of D2.3 million given to the Christian Community for their Easter celebrations. It was on the same day that an amount of D 700 thousand was also given to the National Assembly to compensate for the unexplained and unapologetic cancellation of the originally scheduled sitting which should have been held a week earlier.

I know you are all waiting to endorse the bill that will introduce Sharia law in the Gambia but please be reminded that the Gambia is a Secular Country as clearly stated in the 1997 Constitution and no single person has the authority to change the status of the country to Islamic Republic without giving the people who elected the President and you as members of the House the opportunity to decide on it in a referendum.  Whether Christians, Muslims or non-Muslims, we all have the right to practice our individual faith in this country. We are the same people that meets in funeral services, naming ceremonies, community mosques and churches. We celebrate together, mourn together, suffer together, rejoice together and yet we are denied the fruits of togetherness, love, compassion and unity. We are the branches of the same tree and our collective survival should be more important than our individual interests.

Gambia belongs to all Gambians irrespective of religious beliefs or political affiliations. Introducing a bill on the Islamic State could be voting a political dynamite with far reaching consequences. Our Christians comrades will not sit by and watch this gross violation of their rights to practice their religion freely.  It is very sad that there is not a single Christian member in the House but that does not make you guys to underestimate the groundswell of support that we are ready to give to our fellow Christians to confront tyranny and injustice. 

We are facing difficult times in our nation’s history. With mounting economic hardship and the rising tension between our neighbors, the citizens of our tiny besieged country has suffered the ignominy of being at war with itself caused by a President who arrogates power to himself and foolishly believes that as Commander-In-Chief he possessed a false sense of superiority over the people who voted him into power. A delusional leader who likes to equate himself with Allah and thinks that everything in the country including the air we breathe, the seas, the land, the mineral resources and all religious bodies belong to him.  

Whether you were brought to the House through APRC ticket or not doesn’t matter, what matters now is that your national conscience is to serve the people and not to surrender our constitutional rights and freedoms. Yaya Jammeh has a dismal record of betrayal that is why today most of his former allies and loyalists are counting the costs of having been, at best, naïve and, at worst, complicit. He continues to rely so much on our votes during elections only to turn around and treacherously transformed himself into a brutal dictator after elections. It is fear instilled from the daunting phalanx of army loyalists, secret service officers coupled with the naivety of a divided social class hungry for positions that create dictatorship. Putting a sign post in front of the new Assembly building that reads: Thank You Mr. President for Investing in Parliament’, only helps to hardened Jammeh’s dictatorial tendencies towards Gambians when it is known that that building was a grant from the Indian Government.

The truth is that any leader who wants to use dictatorship to impose undue control over its people and subjugate their fundamental rights and freedoms will woefully fail as democracy would always outlived dictatorship. A country that was once the bastion for freedom, liberty, hope and happiness has been turned into a desperate, hopeless and destitute nation where the suppression of uncongenial views and torturing of opposition members with impunity is a routine occurrence. Gambians must be given back their rights and the dignity of living in peace without fear of repression, torture or imprisonment. The beauty of democracy is letting the people speak their minds and shape their own and their children’s futures.

 As elected members of the National Assembly, we are renewing our lost trust on you to rise up and fulfil your obligation of represent the people in all matters of governance by promulgating laws and ensuring close oversight monitoring of the executive in order to ensure transparent as well as accountable administration consistent with the fundamental requirements of your roles as enshrined in our constitution. A government of the people, by the people and for the people must be made to be accountable to its people so that the will of the people the basis of authority in a democracy. There are enough grounds to start any impeachment procedures against Yaya Jammeh.

The Parliamentarians in South Africa has just won a lawsuit against President Zuma for using state resources to finance his private home. Likewise Egypt’s former leader, Husni Mubarak, was jailed last year for similar offences. Conscious of the fact that a simple majority of MPs can remove him from power, don’t be surprised that immediately after the 2016 elections and the passing of the Sharia law Yaya Jammeh all the members of the National Assembly will be replaced with his Jola clan replicating similar moves he made in all our public institutions.

Tribalism in two decades of Jammeh’s rule is so pervasive that today many competent and qualified Gambians are forced to quit the country preferring to earn their living abroad thus swelling the numbers of qualified people working outside of their country of origins. The ‘brain drain’ syndrome is partly responsible for the inept and mismanagement of the country’s resources.

Opportunistic politicians who care only for their bread and butter are allowing themselves to be bullied, ridiculed and disgraced. The division among us is not between those sycophantic supporters in the APRC or the hardened members of the opposition parties, but it is between hope and cynicism; between doing the right thing and earn Allah’s blessing or abdicating ones responsibilities to serve humanities so that tomorrow history will not be on their side.  Without the support of a daunting phalanx of army loyalists, Yaya Jammeh knows that his reign of terror would not survive the current resentment among his supporters and the Gambians at home and abroad.

Now that the support of Yaya Jammeh from his own people is waning fast and most Gambians are also getting tired with his regular empty rhetoric about the evils of slavery and colonialism which has no relevance to us today, endorsing the bill to introduce Sharia law will be voting to sideline our Christians brethren and transforming President Jammeh to become the Ayatullah in the Islamic Republic of the Gambia with unrestricted powers to quash any form of opposition to his rule making it possible for him to make Jola the official national language of the Gambia as well as enabling him to fill all the seats in the National Assembly with his tribesmen.

I would therefore crave your indulgence to urge you to take a stand against abusive and autocratic government and heed our call for a clean government to replace the kleptocracy of a brutal dictator playing God with the lives of the people. On a final note I would like to remind you of a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin a US politician, “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”

God Bless The Gambia and All Its People!

From: A Clairvoyant Insider

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