Gambia: Breaking News: Gambia’s Gold Digger First Lady Wastes Millions At A Paris Beauty Shop; As Freedom Informant Trails Zeinab’s Shopping Spree!


While Gambians are dying of hunger and malnutrition, Gambia’s gold digger First Lady Zeinab Souma Jammeh is in Paris, making Spring shopping, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Zeinab, was spotted at a high end Paris jewelry and perfume shop by our sources in France. She spent several thousands of Euros on beauty creams, perfumes, makeups, jewelry among other beauty makeups. 

zainab_jammeh-dOne of our sources first met Zeinab at a Paris hotel called Plaza Anthenee. He shared the same hotel with Zeinab. He even exchanged greetings with her. Zeinab is a flamboyant First Lady. She flew to France with huge amount of foreign cash.

As soon as Zeinab was spotted at the Paris hotel, our source assigned another agent to trail her shopping spree. She was accompanied to the beauty shop by her daughter Mariam Jammeh, six or seven bodyguards including her Protocol Staff.  Both Zeinab and her daughter Mariam purchased high price perfumes, makeups, beauty creams, colons and so forth.

Zeinab, is expected to spend one week in Paris, unless she cancels her travel itinerary. One could read on the faces of Zeinab’s bodyguards and Protocol staff that they are not happy with this greedy First Lady, lavishly wasting taxpayers money. But there is nothing that they can do besides keeping track of her wasteful spending.

Folks, Mariam Jammeh has grown big overtime. She is a big girl now. She must be seventeen years of age. Don’t be surprised if JK reduces the age for Presidential qualifications to cater for her daughter to succeed him.

Like her mum, Marima Jammeh too is into high spending. She grabbed so many expensive merchandise at the stop. Our source was all the time trialing them when she and her mom made that expensive purchase at the counter.

It is really nerve wrecking to see Zeinab and her daughter Mariam making such expensive shopping. One wonders whether these people are from an impoverished nation called The Gambia. Our source was shocked to see the amount of Euro Zeinab spent at the cash register.

Yet, this is a country claiming to be badly in need of food, clothing, shelter, drugs, good roads, sanitation, quality education, just to name a few. No wonder development is stagnant in The Gambia.

The Chinese government would be shocked to read that Jammeh has started messing with the few millions sitting at the Central Bank. Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries, who have donated to the First Lady’s dubious Foundation For Children would be equally shocked.

Zeinab Jammeh is being placed on notice that some of her shopping are being closely monitored and documented for posterity. She must account for the millions that she is lavishly wasting in western malls, and beauty shops. She should disclose the source of her spending. We have pictures and other documentations as proof of her exorbitant purchases in Paris. Time will tell! 

The government of France, has a responsibility to question the source of such large magnitude. She hardly uses credit card or debit card in her purchases. Almost all her purchases are done in raw cash.

We can bet that if an unemployed woman or man, makes such huge shopping in Euro cash, it would raise red flag. Paris’s anti money laundering police would have invited the person for questioning. Zeinab, being a First Lady, doesn’t mean that she can shop freely with such huge cash in Paris and the United States without western governments questioning the source of her funds. If she thinks that the source of her funds are legit, why can’t she use debit or credit card in such high scale purchases…. 

Zeinab, is proceeding to the United States with her daughter Mariam Jammeh, at the end of  her Paris trip. She has just returned to her hotel with her daughter and delegation. 

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