Gambia: Breaking News: Yahya Jammeh Reportedly Collapses After State Opening Event!


Gambia: Gambian President Yahya Jammeh collapsed after presiding over a state opening event in Banjul on Thursday, sources have told Freedom. Jammeh, 50, is said to be receiving treatment for an undisclosed ailment. “He is feeling much better but he struggled as he addressed parliament that day,” a presidency source said, adding: “There is cause for concern, though.”

Yahya Jammeh presided over the state opening of Gambia’s parliament last Thursday where he made some outrageous statements – as he defended his declaration of Gambia as an Islamic state and his infamous crackdown on gays.

A defiant Yahya Jammeh said a bill will be sent to Gambia’s parliament towards the implementation of the pronouncement. He said, however, that the declaration does not mean religions other than Islam will be suppressed in the tiny West Africa nation. On the issues of homosexuality, he said he will do everything to keep the lifestyle out of Gambia. He said the West cannot do anything to him.

Yahya Jammeh came to power in Gambia in 1994 after a coup that toppled First Republic president Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara. Rumors that he is ill have been circulating widely, but it has not been confirmed by his government.

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